5 Celebs with a Secret Passion for Card Games

Secret Passion
Secret Passion

As we just rose tall and back from the fierce wrangles of lockdown, we all remember our assorted and jolly mediums of passing the suffocating time at home. Some of us learned how to cook, some of us learned how to play new musical instruments, some of us made Dalgona coffee and some of us learned a new language, and the other lazy bunch played card games.

Well, don’t you feel guilty for being in the pack of a playing card. Many, many top-list celebrities, including esteemed actors and highly successful businessmen, are in this fascinating bunch as well. Card games are addictive (and very fun!), and these celebrities are not immune to them.

Want to know the names? Here are 5 celebrities with a secret passion for card games.


The man who has corroborated his position at the tops of the world’s richest list, for quite some time now, has an undeniable penchant for card games. It is no news that Mr. Gates, the man of all riches, is an avid player of the very famous and jocose card game Bridges.

Even though Bill’s parents are the ones who introduced him to this jolly game of Bridges, it was his pal, Warren Buffett, The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who is allegedly the one who got Gates sworn to card games, and Bridges, in particular. Both of them, supposedly, spent highs of the lockdown due to the coronavirus, playing the Bridges. Both the Billionaires are each other’s favorite partners for the game, how cute!


Our very own sarcastic king, Chandler Bing is a complete devotee of the most legendary (looking at you Barney Stinson) card game of all time, Poker. He is a self-claimed casino boy, who loves a shot of the card, every now and then.

Via the photos possessed by TMZ, Matthew Perry was seen at 6 AM in Commerce Casino playing three-card Poker. If this doesn’t say ‘Sucker for Poker’, then I don’t know what will.  Later Perry confessed that he did not spend the night there, instead woke up at 5 AM, randomly, and decided to go draw some cards in the nearest casino house. His affair with the game is so incredibly strong that he doesn’t always wake up at 5 to play cards, but easily stays home and plays blackjack online.


Oh, who would have thought our ‘OG’ Spiderman with the most innocent and gullible face was Star Poker Player. It is opined that Tobey Maguire has slowed back from doing films after films in the last decade due to his impeccable success in the world of poker and Blackjack.

Grown up in a poor household, with a tight financial condition, his rage today as a wizard of the casino-verse is laudable, if not more. By playing only the card games, Maguire may have even made as much as up to $30 to $40 million, stated writer Houston Curtis. Well, well, well, Peter Parker has some hidden quirks.


We spoke of our dear Chandler Bing, so, how can we forget to mention our one and only Fashion dive of the 90s and early 20s, Rachel Green.

Remember the loved Friends episode where all the ‘friends’ play Poker, and while the men ruled the game, the women seemingly sucked at it. Well, not in the real world, people. Our lady here, Ms. Jennifer Aniston, is not only a stellar Poker player, but she also has a keen drive in the worlds of Dominoes and Scrabble.

In fact, the whole marvelous cast of Friends was totally a simp for the game of poker and ostensibly, they even bonded over the very game of cards. What an incredible fact, isn’t it?

5- Ben Affleck

Let us talk about the last but, oh, definitely not the least- Ben Affleck. The Batman Star is probably one of the most acute and fanatical fans of Blackjack, in the space of Hollywood. He is certainly not a newbie in this world of cards, as he had a liking for the game even way before he rose to fame. Affleck considers himself excellent at counting cards and finds it plainly okay to do so (it is debatable in the community).

Apparently, Ben took coaching lessons on playing Blackjack, and now he completely slays the game. He could be very easily seen in one of the highly drawn casinos in Las Vegas, grooving on one of the tables.

Some Honorable Mentions:

  • Tom Cruise
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Matt Damon
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Brad Pitt



See? Card Games have their way in the reign of many treasured celebrities (and more). From Rummy to Poker to the plays of Blackjack, cards are incredibly suave and the medium of making millions for any widely known personalities. Most of them are into it even way before they got into the line of fame.