Friends: The Reunion Review – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Friends: The Reunion Review – A Trip Down Memory Lane

The unscripted episode of the world-famous Friends TV show is coming back after 17 years in the form of a reunion chapter. That’s what it is exactly titled, “Friends: The Reunion” premiering on the HBO network on the 27th of May. The early reviews of the show are out and most of them have been positive however, not so glamorous.

It seems like this standalone has been able to deliver what fans would require and it is certainly reflected in experts’ remarks. So did Friends: The Reunion lived up to its expectations? Let us find out in this Friends: The Reunion review as we deliver the remarks about this beautifully directed segment.

Friends: The Reunion Review


The show’s setting is unscripted with the members of the cast along with other prominent members of the show. They discuss and relieve various moments which are memorable and imbued in their memories. We get a road down a memory lane through the conversation of these characters and find out more info on what events took place on certain episodes.

There are also segments of small QA where the cast gets questions and if they remember certain moments. In addition to that six friends get asked to read the popular lines from the show which makes the segment even more nostalgic.

Overall it made for a great reunion after all these years and longtime fans along with new fans certainly cherished seeing these individuals together after 17 years.

A Reminiscence from the Past

A good chunk of time is well spent on remembering crucial moments from casting to the production of friends. The creator David Crane revealed how they came in contact with the actors and how casting took place. The train down to the past also included their most memorable moments from certain episodes and characters weren’t shy in portraying their inner thoughts while working over scripts.

The Cast Shared Their Best Moments

The Gestures From Fans

The episode also had a segment where fans from all across the world shared their thoughts on the show and revealed their favorite moments. The fans included some of the biggest celebrities as well including world-famous BTS, David Beckham, Malala Yousafzai, and more. Courtesy of the virtual platform Zoom, they were able to share their thoughts with the cast of Friends.

Apart from them, the fans from every nook and cranny of the world participated in the event and portrayed their gratitude to these incredible characters who’ve brought a smile to the faces of millions of people.

Experts Opinion

Rotten Tomatoes have given their verdict with an approval rating of 63% along with a score of 6/10 for the show. Meanwhile, Metacritic based on 19 reviews assigned Friends: The Reunion the score of 69 out of 100. Since the show was unscripted and pretty much of fanservice, it didn’t receive an overwhelming response from critics.

However, it was able to capture the light from 17 years ago and certainly delivered to the expectations.

How did you find this reunion of friends after more than a decade? Who is your favorite character from Friends? Comment down below and let us know. For more movie reviews, make sure to follow us on social media.

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