Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan’s “Ego” Is to Blame for The Show’s Cancellation After Season Five, According to A Report!

Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan's "Ego" Is to Blame for The Show's Cancellation After Season Five, According to A Report!

According to the New York Post, Season 5 of Yellowstone will be the final season of the hit Paramount series, but tensions behind the scenes are reportedly delaying the publication of the second half of the season.

Kevin Costner is rumored to have refused to commit to the Season 5 production schedule, causing significant delays in the production of the show. However, sources assert that Taylor Sheridan’s personality is to blame.

“It’s the same as with any other showrunner and big star — there’s respect, but friction,” a source from production claims.

The premiere of the first half of Season 5 on Paramount occurred in November 2022. But the second portion is in limbo because filming and production have not yet concluded.

According to credible sources, Sheridan, who also oversees the Yellowstone spinoffs of 1883 and 1923, is “overburdened” with work. While previous reports suggested that Costner only appeared for one week to film the entire second half of Season 5, a source told the Post that no scripts were prepared.

A source alleged, “Taylor is overworked and Kevin made himself available at the beginning of the year, but nothing was ready.” “Kevin had previously committed to producing his other films. He had shared his schedule with the producers.

Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan's "Ego" Is to Blame for The Show's Cancellation After Season Five, According to A Report!

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They proceeded, “In the entertainment industry, you cannot remain available and in a holding pattern while the producers do not get their scripts in order. There were no targets available.”

His personality plays a role in this, according to a second source who has worked with Sheridan. Taylor is the focus of his performance. They stated, “He is the most important character in all of his shows.”

Uncertainty remains as to whether Costner will return to the program that revitalized his career. He is currently composing and directing Horizon, an American Saga, a four-film Western series. Executives at Paramount have stated that they are “confident” that Kevin Costner will return to the series, but the Golden Globe-winning actor has not commented publicly on the matter.

Sheridan may be stretched thin with his roster of Yellowstone dramas, but more are already in the works. In addition to over ten other projects, Paramount President Chris McCarthy recently confirmed that another spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey is in the works.

It is difficult to believe that Yellowstone will soon be closing. Paramount hopes to give its other series a chance to shine, despite its consistently record-breaking box office performance.

“Paramount does not want ‘Yellowstone’ to remain on the air for more than a year [and compete with their programs]. A source stated that they would prefer to have a new [Sheridan] program with Paramount+.

If the series were to terminate prematurely, Sheridan’s other works would continue the Yellowstone saga.

At this time, sources appear optimistic that the impending writers’ strike will allow them to determine a production schedule for the remainder of Season 5.

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