Xiaomi patents new AR device

Xiaomi patents new AR device

Earlier this week, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has just been granted a new patent related to AR integration to a technology with product evaluation based capabilities. As per an official listing on CNIPA, the patent publication number of the newly granted patent from Xiaomi is CN110264320B.

As per the description, the patent is for an “Information Display Method, Device and Storage Medium Based on Augmented Reality Equipment” which means the patent is for new technology capable of displaying information based on augmented reality devices.

As per the patent, Xiaomi describes an AR device that displays evaluation based information of the targeted item in its field of view. This lets the device inform users about the supposed “pros and cons” of the items.

If this is to be believed then Xiaomi is likely to apply and expand augmented reality in other fields too. The patent does not describe finer details. It only mentions how the system will work. It describes that the AR device will capture a targeted item through its camera module. After this, it will be mapped with the product.

In the future, we can expect this technology to be supplemented by object mapping systems with identification capabilities. As of now, we have no information on whether the company is working on such a device or not. It seems we have no other option than to wait for the final commercial device.

Since the so called technology is still in its patent version, it is recommended to consider the information with a pinch of salt because there were numerous patents of the past that never became a reality.

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