Why Jeff Goldblum Is Pennsylvania’s Favorite Celebrity

Why Jeff Goldblum Is Pennsylvania’s Favorite Celebrity

Pennsylvania has produced more than its fair share of superstar celebrities. From Hollywood stars like Frances McDormand to singer Billy Porter and ice hockey player Sid Crosby, the state is well-represented. But one Pennsylvanian in particular stands out. Jeff Goldblum was born in West Homestead just outside Pittsburgh. Goldblum is not only a star of stage and screen, he’s one of the very few movie stars to have an entire day devoted to him.
Jeff Goldblum Day started as a joke. Pennsylvanian tattoo artist Matt McKelvey came up with the idea to raise awareness of his shop in Garfield. He marked the occasion with special deals, t-shirts, and merchandise, as well as other activities. It was such a success that in 2004 Pittsburgh City Council officially designated July 13th, Jeff Goldblum Day.

One of the world’s most commercially successful movie stars
Goldblum is no stranger to eccentricity. Indeed, he was happy to endorse tattoos celebrating his movies when he met Matt McKelvey at a convention in 2018. And he famously supported the creation of a 45-foot statue featuring his iconic role in Jurassic Park. It was put on display in London to mark 25 years since Spielberg’s classic adventure was released.
The franchise includes 2022’s Jurassic World: Dominion, which earned over $1 billion at the box office worldwide. It makes Goldblum one of the most commercially successful actors on the planet. The actor has also been willing to put his name to spin-offs, merchandising, and t-shirts like the one created by McKelvey.

This has seen his image appear on everything from a Mattel action figure to the popular video games The Lost World from 1997, and the more recent Jurassic World Evolution 2. He’s even appeared in a Jurassic Park slot game, which can be played on platforms with some of the best casino bonuses in Pennsylvania. The 5-reel, 243-payline slots game features a symbol with Goldblum in character as Ian Malcolm alongside other cast members and memorable dinosaurs.

Longevity like few others

What makes Goldblum stand out is his continued success over more than four decades. From the critically acclaimed The Fly in 1986 to the award-winning Isle of Dogs in 2018, Goldblum has starred in commercially successful movies and small-scale cult classics. He’s solidified his fame in box office hits like Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and franchise sequels like Independence Day: Resurgence. Furthermore, he’s become a regular presence on the small screen in The World According to Jeff Goldblum, appeared on stage in the West End, and continued to thrill music fans as an accomplished jazz pianist.

Of the great Pennsylvanian Hollywood stars, there isn’t anyone quite like the man from West Homestead. The Academy Award-nominated actor’s talent has shown no sign of diminishing. And the big movies keep on coming. He’ll next play the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in Universal’s musical-fantasy Wicked.