Why Is My Music Selection on Instagram Limited?

Why is my music selection on Instagram limited?

Are you looking to add some music to your Instagram stories? Chances are why is my music selection on Instagram limited? if you’re seeing a limited selection of songs, it’s for one of two reasons. It could be because you have a professional account or it could be due to copyright laws in your country. Let’s take an in-depth look into these restrictions and how to work around them. But first, let’s get a little knowledge about what is Instagram music.

So, let’s get started!!

What is Instagram Music? 

Instagram Music is a feature on the app that allows users to add music from a wide variety of titles and genres to their stories or posts. It gives people the ability to find a song that fits their mood or enhances the message they are trying to convey in their post. Using this feature also gives users access to exclusive music not available on other platforms. 

How Does It Work? 

Using Instagram Music is easy! All you need is an active account and select a photo or video for your story or post. Once you have chosen your content, select the “music” sticker when editing your story or post and search for the song you want. You can also browse by genre if you don’t know what song you want. When finished, share your post or story with friends or followers! 

Why Is It So Popular? 

Instagram Music has become immensely popular because of its convenience and accessibility on the app itself. People don’t need to go looking for a specific song – they can simply search around until they find one that fits their mood or message perfectly! Plus, having access to exclusive songs not available elsewhere makes it even more appealing for those who want something unique for their posts and stories. 

Why is my music selection on Instagram limited?

Here are the two reasons for the same:

Professional Accounts on Instagram 

A professional account is an Instagram account created for businesses or organizations – not individuals. This type of account gives users access to additional features like analytics insights and the ability to promote posts. With a professional account comes certain restrictions, including the inability to add music from the Instagram Music library. That means that if you are using a professional account, you won’t be able to find any songs when selecting music for your stories. 

The other reason why you may see a limited selection of songs is due to copyright laws in your country – or more specifically, copyright laws specific to the music industry in your country. Copyright restrictions vary by country and region, so it’s important to understand these laws before attempting to use any copyrighted material. Unfortunately, this means that some countries won’t have access to all available music within the Instagram Music library due to the complexities of international licensing agreements.  


It can be frustrating when you’re limited in terms of what kind of music you can use on your stories. However, understanding why this restriction exists can help make things easier going forward. If you do have a professional account or are located in a certain country with strict copyright regulations, there are still ways around these restrictions – like using royalty-free sound effects and short clips from movies and TV shows instead of full-length songs. Ultimately, understanding why there might be limitations on what kind of music is available on Instagram will help ensure that you stay compliant with copyright law while still having fun with your stories!

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