How to Fix Call Failure on Your Phone?

why do my calls keep failing

When your phone decides to act independently and refuses to connect a call, especially one that is important, it may be quite annoying.

There are a few possible causes of this call failure issue, including bad network coverage, call blocking settings, or accidentally turning off your SIM card in the settings. Today, don’t panic; we’ll look at various solutions to quickly get your phone calling again.

The following solutions may assist you in resolving the current call issue:

Network Signal Not Available

Verify that your phone has a network signal by glancing at the network bar. If it doesn’t, there may be inadequate or nonexistent network coverage where you are at the moment. If so, you will need to relocate to a different area with a strong network signal as some areas are not covered by your service provider’s signal.

Restart Your Mobile Phone

Restarting your phone has a lot of benefits that most people seem to miss. Restarting your device might resolve a lot of problems. Sometimes the phone may not be able to make a call due to a software conflict. All system files will be updated and the gadget will function normally only by restarting it. The power of rebooting your smartphone should not be undervalued.

To be sure that the issue is not with your sim, take it out of the phone and try calling again if the issue continues. Even after taking the SIM card out of the phone, if you still can’t make calls, your service provider is the problem. Simply use a different functional sim to phone your service provider’s customer support number and report the problem you are having.

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Sim Card Setting Problem

Make sure the sim you are attempting to use for a call is turned on by checking the sim settings. Sometimes you’ve unintentionally disabled your SIM card in the settings, which prevents it from receiving calls. To fix this, take the following actions:

Find the settings option in your app’s menu and click on it.

Press the Network & Internet Settings icon.

Choose SIM cards similar to the illustration below.

Verify that the sims are turned on, as seen in the picture below.

Check Call Barring

Verify that call blocking is disabled. You may achieve this by:

Launch the phone app

Select Settings by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on calling accounts as shown in the illustration below.

Just as in the illustration below, tap the SIM card you are using for the call.

Toggle call barring as shown in the illustration below.

why do my calls keep failing

Verify that all call-blocking settings are disabled, as shown in the picture below.

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Reset Network Setting

Reset network configuration; to accomplish this,

Navigate to the settings as seen in the following picture.

Navigate down and choose Method

Choose the Reset menu.

Choose Reset Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile as shown in the illustration below.

To choose the calling sim that isn’t able to make calls, tap on this. Next, click on Reset settings.

Factory Reset Your Phone

You Will Need to Make a Backup of Your Files and Restore Factory Settings if The Call Failed Issues Continue Even After Attempting All of The Aforementioned Fixes.

Note: Reset by factory The data on your phone will be erased, so please create a backup before deleting anything.

Backup Your files:

When your phone’s screen cracks, the first thing you should do is make a backup of your files since, at some point, your phone’s screen might become unresponsive, rendering it useless for you. therefore causing your data to be lost.

How to Backup Your Files

This is a simple task that you may complete stress-free.

Obtain a laptop.

Purchase a USB data cord.

On your desktop, make the folder you want to use for file copies.

Use the USB cord to connect your phone to the laptop.

After connecting, your phone will ask you to choose an option; choose “File transfer.”

When you find your device and open your laptop’s file explorer, the name of your device will appear.

Once it is opened, navigate to the internal storage and choose all of your crucial files.

Transfer the files to the desktop folder you previously made.

After the files have been copied, unplug your phone from the PC.

Once your file backup has been completed properly, Go to System -> Reset options -> Settings -> Erase all data (factory reset) and choose it.

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Visit a Mobile Repair Shop

Please Visit the Carcare Service Center for More Help If, After All of The Above, the Call Failure Issue Still Doesn’t Go Away.

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