Who is Luffy’s Mother? Is She Dead or Alive?

Who is Luffy's Mother
Who is Luffy's Mother

Who is Luffy’s mother? This is the question that has been asked by One Piece fandom for years now ever since we learned about Luffy’s father. Although Oda has already clarified that Luffy’s mother’s identity is of no relevance to the series, it’s still a thing to wonder about.

There have been many speculations going around within the community with regard to her identity. Is she alive or dead? Have we met her? Will she ever appear in the series? There are too many questions. Let’s dissect them one by one and discover who is Luffy’s mother.

Who is Luffy’s Mother? Have We met Her?

It wouldn’t be impossible that we might’ve already seen what Luffy’s mother’s identity is. However, the way Oda crafts his story, it wouldn’t be surprising to forget her. If you remember back in the Fishman Island arc, Oda did the same thing with Pudding.

Who is Luffy’s Mother? Is She Dead or Alive?
Who is Luffy’s Mother? Is She Dead or Alive?

So if Luffy’s mother has already appeared in the series, what exactly is her identity? Did she play an important role or was she portrayed as a side character? As long as we don’t get clarity on the characteristics of his mother, it would be a difficult thing to process.

Nevertheless, there have been many theories about Luffy’s mother in the community already. Let’s discuss what fans of One Piece think about the identity of Luffy’s mother.

Crocodile is Luffy’s Mother

The classic and the most popular theory on this subject is that Crocodile is actually Luffy’s mother. Back in Impel Down arc, Ivankov told Luffy that they know a secret about Crocodile which he doesn’t want to come out.

Who is Luffy’s Mother? Is She Dead or Alive?
Who is Luffy’s Mom

Now knowing Ivankov’s power, it is possible that they probably altered the gender of the Crocodile who was previously a woman. But why would he be Luffy’s mother even if that’s the case? Well, that’s a thing you should ask One Piece fandom who came up with such a bizarre idea.

Importance of Luffy’s Mother

Mother’s in One Piece holds quite high relevance and we’ve seen many examples of it. Nami’s foster mother, Robin’s mother, Usopp’s mother, and then we have a very important character who is literally known as Big Mom. There are just too many examples.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Luffy’s mother has to carry the same relevance. Even if we never get to see her in the story, it won’t make much of a difference. After all, we already have Luffy’s father who is the biggest thorn to the World Government.

Who is Luffy's Mother
Who is Luffy’s Mother Family

Is Imu Luffy’s Mother?

Another popular theory that is going around related to Luffy’s mother is that Imu is his mother. Obviously, it doesn’t make much sense but when you look at the option in the series that can be dubbed as Luffy’s mother, they are very few.

We first learned about Imu when the five elders bowed their heads to him/her (their gender is not revealed yet). Since not much is known about them, fans started associating them with Luffy’s mother and some theories led to the belief that they might be one.

Are We Ever Going to See Luffy’s Mother?

At this point, it seems like an impossible thing. Since Oda has already clarified this topic, there’s a very slim chance for it to occur. Maybe we will see a glimpse of her in some flashback.

Hopefully, by the time series concludes, it would be great if we could see her in action. As Luffy’s mother, she holds a very important position and may influence some scenarios in the future.

Who do you think is Luffy’s mother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz Media.

Who is Luffy’s real mom?

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