Who Is Kayla Nicole Dating Now? The Mystery Unveiled

who is kayla nicole dating now?

Kayla Nicole is a 33-year-old multifaceted personality known for her roles as a sports journalist, model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Born as Kayla Brown in Los Angeles, California, she later adopted the name Kayla Nicole. She has West Indian origins and pursued a journalism major at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Kayla Nicole’s career spans various fields. She began her professional journey in journalism, working for publications such as Malibu Surfside News and contributing to well-known entertainment magazines like TMZ, Oprah Winfrey Network, and Asylum Media. She has held roles such as a production assistant, digital technology intern, and newsdesk intern.

In the dynamic world of relationships and celebrity romance, one name that has been making headlines is Kayla Nicole. After the conclusion of her high-profile five-year relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce in 2022, fans and followers are eager to know: who is Kayla Nicole dating now?

The Mystery of Kayla Nicole’s Love Life: Who is she Dating?

who is kayla nicole dating now?

As of now, Kayla Nicole is not publicly known to be in a new relationship. Despite the speculation surrounding her breakup with Travis Kelce, details about her current romantic involvement remain elusive. The fitness guru has kept her personal life private, a common practice among public figures.

In a podcast appearance in January 2023, Travis Kelce addressed rumors of financial disagreements surrounding their breakup, emphasizing the false nature of such claims. Both Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce have moved forward with their lives, with Travis enjoying the freedom of the “free market.”

Kayla Nicole’s Journey

Kayla Nicole, formerly known as Kayla Brown, emerged into the public eye through her multifaceted career. With a journalism degree from Pepperdine University, she embarked on a journey that included roles as a host for renowned platforms like NBA, BET, and XONecole. Her on-camera presence also extended to being a courtside reporter for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

Apart from her journalism career, Kayla ventured into modeling, earning titles like Top 20 Miss CA 2013 and First Runner Up Miss Malibu 2013. As an entrepreneur, she founded the brand “SIS” (Strong Is Sexy), promoting body positivity and mental wellness. With an active social media presence, Kayla has garnered a substantial following, sharing glimpses of her career, fitness journey, and collaborations with various brands.

The Travis Kelce Era

who is kayla nicole dating now?

Kayla Nicole’s romantic journey with Travis Kelce began in 2017 and faced its share of challenges, including a brief split in August 2020. Despite the hurdles, the couple reunited later that year, only to officially part ways in May 2022. Both parties confirmed the amicable nature of the breakup, emphasizing mutual respect and the pursuit of personal growth.

In a podcast interview on Behind the Likes, Kayla Nicole revealed her decision to move beyond the “athlete stage” in her life. While not ruling out the possibility of future relationships with athletes, she expressed a desire to explore connections with individuals in the music or film industry who share her love for sports.

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Kayla Nicole’s journey, marked by versatility and success in journalism, modeling, and entrepreneurship, continues to captivate audiences. As fans eagerly await updates on her love life, it’s clear that Kayla is charting her own course beyond the shadows of her past relationship. The influencer’s commitment to personal growth and her preference for individuals in positions of power hint at an exciting chapter ahead—one that fans are eager to witness unfold. Until then, the mystery of who Kayla Nicole is dating now remains unsolved, inviting anticipation and speculation from a curious audience.