What to Look for in Job Candidates

What to Look for in Job Candidates

Whether you are hoping to hire talented workers for your own business or you are working in the human resources department of a large company, you might struggle with deciding which candidates are truly the right fit. After all, with so many people looking for work at all times, you are bound to get a very high number of applicants responding to your job posting, so you may end up feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Below are some tips for sorting through all of the applications you receive. Perhaps this information will help you, especially if you are new to hiring.

First, Verify That the Information on a Resume Is Accurate

It is a harsh truth, but there is always the possibility that someone is lying about themselves on their resume. Some people might feel the need to embellish when it comes to discussing their work history and their past accomplishments. Others might lie completely about their employment history or their educational background and credentials. For this reason, verifying that the information on a resume is accurate is an important step that is definitely worth taking.

You can do this by asking for references and doing your own research into a person. For instance, you can verify their contact details using Nuwber or you could check their social media pages to see if the information they provided matches what they have posted about.

Ask Them About Teams That They’ve Worked On

One of the most important qualities of a good worker is teamwork, so it is worth asking potential new hires if they have ever worked on teams and what their roles were. You can also ask about their past team performance and whether or not they were able to meet their goals. Also, find out if a job candidate had any problems working as part of a team and if they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This can give you greater insight into how well they’ll be able to work with other members of your staff, especially if you’re looking for individuals who will be able to collaborate on projects or come up with solutions together.

Even if a person prefers working solo, they should still be comfortable working with others whenever it is necessary to do so, as the need for them to be part of a team is sure to arise at some point.

The Right Interests and Background

Consider the traits that a person would need to succeed in a particular role that you are hiring for. Then, narrow your candidates down to those that exhibit those traits. For example, do you need someone who enjoys working with numbers and is capable of solving complicated mathematical problems? Then look for candidates who have the right education in this area and who have experience working in fields like finance and accounting. Or, if you are looking for someone who will be able to add to your creative team, you will likely want to go with a candidate who has attended a college that’s known for its artistic degree programs, and you will also want to check their portfolio to see samples of what they are capable of creating.

Take the time to match a candidate’s background and skills to the responsibilities of the position you need to fill. That way, you can increase the odds of selecting someone who will actually enjoy the work and fulfill their responsibilities with greater ease and efficiency.

The bottom line is this: when searching for the right people to hire, there are multiple steps you should take to be sure you make the right selections.