What is Binance Coin (BNB)? BNB function

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have several efforts and resources with varied goals. Similar initiatives are widespread, and cryptocurrency markets abound quickly. Cryptocurrency exchanges provide a central location for traders to purchase, sell, and trade digital currency. Cryptocurrency trading platforms may have their own assets for lower trading fees.

As the leading crypto firm in the industry, Binance has BNB (Binance Coin), which has maintained its role in the ecosystem of Binance as the firm has grown. Binance Coin is one exchange-traded cryptocurrency. Binance Coin was initially launched as part of Binance’s ICO (initial coin offering) and then evolved to help users make cheaper deals on the site.

If you’re using Trust Wallet and looking to invest some in BNB, watch out for this BNB not available on Trust Wallet error.

The Origins of Binance Coin

BNB had its ICO in July 2017.  100,000,000 BNB coins were purchased at the price of 15 cents each in the course of the ICO. $15 million was raised in BTC and ETH.

35% of the funds generated went into improving the exchange system and Binance platform, 50% went toward promoting the Binance brand and teaching up-and-coming innovators, and 15% was reserved as a contingency fund.

Initially, Binance Coin was an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange opened after its ICO in mid-2017.

Binance Chain (BC) is the cryptocurrency exchange’s new blockchain technology. BC introduced blockchain-native BNB. Users swapped BNB ERC-20 tokens for BNB coin in 2019.

What is the function of Binance Coin?

BNB’s value fluctuates when it’s used and exchanged, like other crypto world’s digital assets. BNB can be kept and transmitted outside of cryptocurrency exchanges.

BNB Chain combines Binance’s layer-1 blockchain (previously the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain).

Binance created Binance DEX, a decentralized exchange, by building the BNB chain for on-chain trading. BNB (short for “Build and Build”) powers transactions of the BNB chain.

Every node in the BNB beacon chain is also in the BNB Smart Chain, making the BNB chain a network of nodes. BNB beacon prioritizes the governance of the BNB Chain, which lets holders stake and vote. BNB Smart Chain supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine, acts as a consensus layer, and has multi-chain nodes.


Each quarter, Binance buys back and then burns Binance Coins. Since 2017, Binance has burned quarterly.

Binance will keep destroying BNB quarterly after burning 100 million (half the supply). The operation may affect Binance Coin’s value because it reduces the cryptocurrency’s supply.

Binance will pay BNB holders for irrecoverable losses by removing it from the coming BNB burn. This is called BNB Pioneer Burn Program.

Where does Binance Coin fit in?

Binance Coin’s acceptance parallels Binance’s growth and this funded the exchange of Binance. Binance became a prominent cryptocurrency exchange after its launch in 2017. Binance developed from a trading platform to a full-fledged ecosystem.

Binance has added a decentralized exchange, two blockchains, P2P crypto trading, and crypto borrowing. BNB’s growth mirrors Binance’s, therefore it’s gained value.

BNB coins are accepted on Binance. Binance customers can cut fees by having BNB and having platform fees paid in BNB. Binance has extended till July 13, 2022, when users can use BNB to pay and save 25% on transaction fees. BNB integrates with different Binance products.

Merchants can now accept BNB, expanding consumer payment options. BNB can be used to buy lottery tickets and virtual gifts.

Many exchanges allow Binance Coin investments in ETFs, stocks, and other types of assets. Some exchanges accept BNB as loan collateral and Binance Coin can be a method to send money to friends and family through apps.

Pricing and Variability in BNB

BNB’s price has been consistent with other assets in the crypto economy. Binance Coin is worth $70 billion, and Binance’s ICO cost $0.10 per BNB token.

BNB’s price has risen to almost $600 for each coin since the ICO. If buyers joined and withdrew at the right periods, previous price increases could have been profitable. Going ahead, merely the future can predict BNB’s price.

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