What Are Social Casinos?

While most gamblers are familiar with social casinos, some know less. Social gambling has your back if you enjoy playing casino games but fear losing wagers. It offers an exciting way to play your favourite titles with free virtual money. More so, social casino gamers get a chance to socialise and meet new friends. Join us as we explore social casino gaming and what to expect.

Differences Between Social Casinos and Online Casinos

Social casino offerings are similar to those at a free no deposit Australian casino, but a few differences exist. One striking disparity is in the use of virtual money in social gambling. Let’s look at a few more contrasts below.

Social casinosOnline casinos
Social casino games have many twisted variances, although some are copies of online casino titles.Gambling sites shop for unique games from dedicated casino developers offering top-notch gameplay.
You can download the games or log in to play via social media accounts.You must sign up and verify your account to enjoy games.
Gamblers play the games to have fun and practise online gambling risk-free.Casino sites offer demo versions, but the core goal is for gamblers to spend cash.
You can play social casino games with friends virtually.It is impossible to enjoy the social casino titles with friends, especially if you are playing slot machines.
Playing a social casino game involves wagering with free coins that you can buy in some gameplay.A player must deposit real cash to wager on the games unless they have casino bonuses or promotions.

Top Social Casino Games Features

Social casinos offer better gaming features than traditional I-gaming sites. Of course, you play social casino games without risking real money, but that isn’t all there is. Next are more traits you will enjoy.

  • Unlock awards: Social casinos reward free coins to boost players’ motivation to play more games.
  • Create an avatar profile: It is an excellent way for other players to find and chat with peers in different games.
  • Share results: Social casino gamers share success on social media, unlike in real money gambling, where much is private.
  • Chat window: It lets players interact and share gaming events in casino games such as slot machines.
  • Unlimited gambling experience: Social casinos have no time or money limits to how you can play.

Top Social Casino Sites

Gamblers wishing to play social casino games do so in two ways. You can download a social gambling app or use reputable social casino sites. Most of the apps are free unless you are an iOS user. Some of the best online platforms include.

Caesars Games

It rewards more than 25,000 coins to start playing. You can also benefit from daily offers every hour and a half of playing or participating in the game challenges.

Viva Slot Vegas Casino

One of the few social casinos accessed via a mobile app. New players get 2,500 credits after signing up, but you can get 175,000 credits after paying a one-off fee of AU$19.99

House of Fun

It is a social gaming app. You will receive 1,000 coins after signing up. It also has the option to buy coins or build a balance by winning more social games.

Pros Social Casinos

A social casino is a superb avenue to unwind and hone your online gambling skills in casino games. But even then, setbacks exist. Below are benefits and drawbacks every player should know.

No Monetary Risks Involved

Social gamers enjoy the games without worrying about losing cash. But again, they purchase buy-ins if they wish to enjoy extra features.

Social casinos are lawful in many jurisdictions. The case is different in some casino sites since they often face legal issues in some countries.

Socialise With Friends

The joy of playing and winning in social games is intriguing. It’s better to read the reviews represented before gambling. They can give you a better idea of the casino you will join. You even can create a gambling group with friends and compete against each other.

Different Bonuses Available

Gambling on social games via social casino apps lets you earn awards and extra coins. Sometimes, you will pay a small fee to get the bonuses if you exhaust yours but want to continue playing.


The appeal of social casino games hooks gamblers to play more sessions. Many titles imitate those in real money casinos, spicing up your general social gambling quest.

Wide Selection of Games

There are no dull days in social gambling. You can play many exciting casino games, including slots, poker, bingo, roulette, and more.


But social casinos have a few drawbacks that are with mentioning. Among some of them are:

  • No cash winnings: Some gamblers feel that lack of money rewards makes social casino games worthless.
  • Addiction problems: The accessible nature of the games can be problematic if you cannot limit your playtime.
  • Buy-in services: Some platforms will charge you to get bonuses or get rid of adverts, despite no fees to play social casino games.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to pay money to create or verify a social gambling account to play games online. Social casino gamers join social betting via social casino apps for free. The available casino games are plenty, making it easy to find your favourites. If you want to enter real money gambling, consider social casino games to learn the drills first. Ensure the site or app is genuine, especially if you plan to use buy-ins.

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