Venice is the northeastern city of Italy based on the 118 mini islands separated by many canals but connected with over 400 bridges. Venice is the capital of the Veneto Region. The small 118 islands are located in the shallow Venetian Lagoon present between the edges of flowing rivers Po and Pavia. The population of the metro area of Venice is around 258,325 which is almost 0.11% lesser than the stats for 2020.

Venice is the 11th largest city of Italy but it has a remarkable turnover of tourists. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the planet because of its uniqueness gifted by canals. Though it is not the largest city of Italy. But it is the most visited city of Italy.

City Size and Climate

Venice city covers an area of almost 414.57which is 160.07 square miles. The climate of this city is in mid-latitude having fur seasons, a humid subtropical climate, with pretty cool winter and moderate humid summers. The average temperature is about 37.9ºF.

Tourism in Venice

Though Venice is not the largest city of Italy. But it has a huge number of tourists. Tourists found Venice attractive because of its minor and many islands separated by different canals. Basically, these canals are the main point of attention for tourists. Tourism, in fact, is the backbone of the economy of this city. They cannot neglect that this tourism is vital for them. Tourists came and stay at Different Hotels in Venice.

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It is estimated that around 20 million tourists visit Venice annually and these numbers are increasing gradually.

Transportation in Venice

You can visit Venice by car but you will surely face difficulty in parking the car. Once you reach Venice you may pay €50 per day. There are no streets to drive through. There are public water buses. This is the unique thing that grabs the attention of the tourists. There are over 19 scheduled routes and some even operate 24 hours a day. They have a regulatory office for convenience of tourists as Venice Tourist Office.


Although it is a tourist place, they consider education an essential part of life. Approximately 25% of the population have a Degree in Master’s. 18% of the population is pursued to higher education.

Businesses in Venice

The land of Venice gives many opportunities to do a variety of business. In traditional business, the sale of fish and salt were included but with the advancement of technology and increase in demands, Venice works as a Liaison between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Fruits, fish other markets are connected with this city.

As this is full of potential tourism and gives the opportunity to natives to run any business. Which involves water boat services, the most trending business in Venice, followed by Hotels. Tourists also visit many restaurants in the City. The homemade ships and boats are appreciated in markets and occupy a large place in market share.

Traditional industries involve boatyards, luxury crafts workshops, textile, and furniture. The other finest thing is their glassware. Product with extraordinary quality.


For a long time, Venice has been an inspiration for intellectuals, poets, authors, and playwrights. The Two most famous personalities from Venetian writers are Marco Polo in the middle ages and Glacomo Casanova. Polo was a merchant who shipped the series of his written books and co-written with Rustichello da Pisa, providing knowledge about the land of east Europe, from the Middle East to China, Japan, and Russia.

Venice also inspired the writers from abroad like Shakespeare who gave the masterpiece of “The Merchant of Venice”. Second, Thomas Mann mentioned in his novel “Death in Venice”. The French author Philippe Sollers spent most of his time in this city and published “A Dictionary For Lovers of Venice in 2004”.

Venetian Architecture

Venice is on unstable mud banks and crowded since the middle ages. The other aspect is that this city is quite safe from invasion, riots, and civil feuds. These factors along with the canals made the city Unique.

Venice has a complex architectural style, the best example of which is the Gothic Style. A term is given to a building style combining Gothic Style and Ogee arch.

Culture and Festivals

Many famous festivals are celebrated in Venice which is following;

Carnival of Venice is one of the biggest festivals of Venice held annually and ends on Shrove Tuesday. The special thing is that on the last day Venetian Masks are worn.

Venice Biennale is an important event in the art calendar. The etymology of this event is that war interrupted the activities of The Biennale.

Festa del Redentore begins in the mid of July. It is a feast to give thanks for ending the plague.

Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival all over the world. This festival is held every year in late August or early September. Many Tourists visit Venice to enjoy these festivals with the residents.

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