TourBox Elite – A Bluetooth controller made for video editors

TourBox Elite - A Bluetooth controller made for video editors
TourBox Elite - A Bluetooth controller made for video editors

A Bluetooth controller for creators to deliver an intuitive editing experience and smoothen workflow by becoming a perfect replacement for mouse and keyboard.   

TourBox Elite, the next-Gen creative controller designed solely for digital content producers. From video editing or graphics designing to sound engineering and digital painting, the surreal product can provide a wide range of controls.

The TourBox Elite can confidently take a leap forward in assisting content creators by freeing the hands from mouse and keyboard. With more than 100K users, the product has certainly become a game changer in media industry. 

Some exceptional features of TourBox Elite

A versatile performer for all digital creative industry. TourBox Elite can help users in platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier Pro, Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, and many more.

TourBox Elite has a Knob which can be used in various platforms to adjust the size, hardness, opacity and weight of strokes in digital painting, jump through timeline in video edits.

TourBox Elite - A Bluetooth controller made for video editors
TourBox Elite

Mouse-free tool which keeps a creator focused in the picture. Tools like exposure, contrast, highlights and other short edits re-touching images, and recoloring will happen with just a single hand with no movements like mouse.

The buttons on TourBox Elite will allow the users to switch between multiple set of tools and multiple projects while working on 3D rendering and graphics designing. 

TourBox Elite can reduce stress by increasing work flow

The TourBox Elite will also provide a customizable setting option, where the user can configure every button as per choice.

The Built-in feature which goes ahead of mouse and keyboard combination. Users can also adjust the speed of the knob and other designated buttons like we do in Mouse settings.

Manufacturers have provided a 2 months long battery back-up with dual channel Bluetooth 5.1 & USB type C cable which runs on low energy consuming processor. TourBox Elite is one product that goes with every creative software with pinpoint accuracy and efficient editing.

The price of the product will be around $188 to $268 from Kickstarter campaign and has plans to start shipping from February 2022.  

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