Top Celebrity Poker Players

Top Celebrity Poker Players

The fascination with celebrity lives often extends to unusual hobbies that reflect their charismatic personalities. One hobby gaining traction among celebrities is the age-old game of poker. Quieter than a music gig, subtler than a film set yet equally exciting, poker has found ardent fans in Hollywood and beyond for its strategic gameplay. As more stars shuffle their cards on poker tables around the globe, this article provides some top-notch celebrity poker players.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is another celebrity who mirrors his vibrant personality while playing poker. The comedian-actor doesn’t shy away from turning tournaments into entertainment spectacles with lively jokes around the green felt. Nonetheless, don’t mistake his fun-loving demeanor for lack of seriousness towards the game. 

Top Celebrity Poker Players

Hart displays remarkable poker strategy understanding that ensures intense battles with professional opponents. He also loves playing online pokies, which have their own rules and require a unique strategy. His dedication to the game, coupled with his energetic humor, ensures an engaging and enjoyable watch for spectators. 

In fact, he competed against elites during the PokerStars Championship Bahamas, expressing comfort midst high-pressure rounds. His gambling capabilities, combined with genuine love for poker make him an engaging player to watch. This fusion has won him considerable accolades within the industry, cementing his place among top rated celebrity poker participants.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, an Academy Award winner, emerges as a high-stakes poker player. He boasts victories in numerous tournaments and continues his love for the game wherever he goes. 

Top Celebrity Poker Players

In 2004, his skills earned him first place in the California State Poker Championship. With a winning prize of $356,400, it certainly marked a significant achievement. Affleck’s tryst with Poker extends beyond just playing; he also invests time in understanding the nuances of the game, often working with professionals to hone his strategies.


Music superstar Rihanna shines on stages worldwide and around poker tables. Her love for poker is well-known among fans and friends alike. She has been pictured many times at high-end casinos around the world playing her hand with other celebrities and professional gamblers alike. 

Despite not boasting tournament victories like some of her peers, she appears to find great enjoyment in participating in this intellectually challenging pastime. Rihanna’s continued love for poker speaks volumes about its universal appeal and ever-growing popularity among different circles.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, known for his role as Spider-Man, shows talent beyond the onscreen superhero persona. He holds a reputable position in the poker world. Celebrity players and professionals alike acknowledge his skills at the table. Some even call him one of Hollywood’s best poker players.

Top Celebrity Poker Players

His poker journey began in 2004 at a game hosted by Molly Bloom. Since then, he’s participated in countless high-stakes games and won significant sums of money proving his mettle time and again. His commitment to the game matches his determination seen on screen, transforming into a sought-after characters.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a well-known face in the acting industry and also a respected figure in poker circles. He picked up interest in poker during his preparation for the movie “Rounders”, and this interest blossomed into a lasting passion. 

Playing alongside professionals isn’t unfamiliar territory for Damon; he often participates in world-famous poker events where his skills and strategies shine through. His serious approach towards the card game combined with his sportsmanship spirit makes him an inspiring celebrity player to watch.

Michael Phelps 

Moving to Michael Phelps, best known for his incredible swimming career, he too has found joy off-race tracks at poker tables. Although Phelps entered the realm of poker after retiring from professional swimming, his competitive spirit still burns bright. 

Top Celebrity Poker Players

Many echo that he brings unmatched vigor and dedication similar to what he exhibited while shattering World Records in swimming pools. He navigated his way through various high-profile Poker tournaments proving himself as capable among seasoned players. Phelps’ journey from Olympic champion to playing hands against poker elites certainly adds another notch in his belt of accomplishments.

Neymar Jr.

The Brazilian football superstar Neymar Jr. has demonstrated his solid grasp of poker off the pitch. His enthusiasm and stacks in online and live poker games display nimble strategy application, indicating that his skills aren’t limited to dribbling a football. He partakes in global tournaments frequently and flaunts an aggressive yet readable playing style. 

By owning colossal chip leads at prestigious events, Neymar reaffirms not only his commitment to the card game but also his aptitude as a worthy participant. His foray into poker parallels aspects of thrill and competition from football, which gives him another avenue to express his passion for strategic activities.


In conclusion, poker appeals to these celebrities as more than just a hobby. It offers them an opportunity to engage their strategic thinking and competitive instincts. From Hollywood stars like Tobey Maguire, Kevin Hart, and Matt Damon to sports figures like Michael Phelps and Neymar Jr., each brings something unique to the table. They’ve  managed to juggle their professional lives with tackling high-profile poker tournaments, earning respect from both their fans and circuit regulars.

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