Tinder CEO revealed about upcoming features of the app

According to the latest news, this week, Tinder is going to introduce some big updates in its app in the name of giving people more context about a person they might want to date. Briefly, the app will get an explore tab that is quite similar to Instagram.

Users will find activities like Swipe Night, Tinder’s interactive video game, and a new feature called Hot Takes in the explore tab. In Swipe Night mode, from 6 PM to midnight, daters will answer questions like, “Which of these is the most pretentious?” and then they’ll volley in a disappearing chat if none responds within 30 seconds. Participants will be able to match with each other and match from this screen. This is the first time that Tinder is introducing a feature that will let them talk before committing to a match. It seems the idea is to give the two participants some topics to talk about.

Daters will also be able to explore from the tab and browse through possible matches that share their “passions” or tags they put on their profile. According to CEO Jim Lanzone, the idea is to give people more control when they want it. He said, “It’s just giving you more options of ways to navigate people, and I think you’ll see a lot more from us down that pathway, as well, putting more control in people’s hands. The first step in Tinder becoming more of a platform than just an app.”

It is to be noted that daters can always return to the app’s usual mode. According to Lanzone, this is the first time, the app is letting users sort beyond location and age through its algorithm. Moreover, Tinder will also start allowing people to upload videos as part of their profiles. As of now, up to 9 videos are supported as the total number of media allowed in a profile. Each video can be of 10 seconds long maximum. The best part of the story is, none of the features will be behind a paywall.

As per Lanzone, it is “the first step in Tinder becoming more of a platform than just an app.” He also clarified that he doesn’t want the app to be an “entertainment hub”. Tinder is expanding its features to make it more than just an app to judge people off their photos. In Lanzone’s words, the motive of the Tinder team is not slowing down the app’s “kinetic energy.”

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