TikTok will have built-in apps in LG’s smart TVs

Last year, TikTok launched an app for LG. Now, LG has announced TikTok will launch an app in this year’s LG  smart TVs. The app arrived on these recent webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0 models with a firmware update that started rolling out from 7th October 7th. LG has announced that it will also come to 2019 TVs “in the coming months.”

TikTok will have built in apps in LG’s smart TVs
TikTok will have built in apps in LG’s smart TVs

As of now, the TikTok app will be launching in the UK, France, and Germany. A TikTok representative confirmed this. This step from TikTok is notable because TikTok’s smart TV apps for Samsung TVs, Android TV, and Fire TV have focused on those same European countries for quite some time.

Last year, in the US, TikTok released a more limited “More on TikTok” app on Fire TV devices. As a drawback, considering the level of app optimization that TikTok offers in portrait orientated mobile viewing, it might not look great on living room televisions but with this, the company will reach a broader audience.

There are higher advertising rates associated with TV viewing so TikTok is expected to benefit from this as well.

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