The Price of Application Developer Services – What Does It Include? 

If you can do the creation of a simple app yourself, then you will need to contact specialists to produce a multifunctional product in any case. It is worth noting right away that this is a complex process, which takes a lot of time and requires a serious investment. How much does it cost to get an app made?


There are different types. You can conditionally divide them into several categories:

  • Simple utilities. This category consists of up to 5 pages. As a rule, they are designed to perform simple actions, do not contain any databases, and do not collect information about users. Examples are some product delivery programs or business cards that provide important information about a company.
  • Programs of medium complexity. This could include small commercials, messengers, social networks, etc. The characteristic feature of medium complexity is the ability to analyze data. Programs with animated elements and different interactive actions can also be included in this category.
  • Superapps. Superapps are super-functional products combining several services. Different payment services, virtual assistants, mobile banks, etc. can be connected to one system.

What Affects App Development Costs

App development costs are influenced not only by the type or planned functionality, but also by many other factors. Of course, functionality is the key aspect that defines the value of a program. However, you should not forget about such things as:

  • Preparation of a PR strategy;
  • creating the server part;
  • design;
  • availability of augmented or virtual reality components;
  • testing and technical support;
  • publication and support also affect app development costs.

App Development Cost: PR

The preparatory stage takes quite a lot of time. It takes at least 10-14 days for a detailed analysis and evaluation of successful competitor products alone. And this is considering the fact that several specialists have to deal with the procedure.

Developing a strategy is a responsible process that describes the sequence of actions at all stages. This task will also take at least two weeks and will be corporate, then the entire month.

Native or Cross-Platform

Nowadays, there are both native and cross-platform projects. Lately, however, most Internet business owners have started to favor the second option.

The fact is that native products are developed separately for each operating system. This is done to make sure that products are better adapted to all platforms. The main disadvantage of native is the long process and high app development cost.

Features of Functionality

The app development cost is influenced by the number of supported features. However, you should not forget about the quality of the implemented functions.

  • MVP functionality (minimum possible version). Products with minimal functionality belong to this category. 
  • Basic functionality. In this case, users have an opportunity not only to look through the catalog but also to make purchases. 
  • Extended functionality. The product is equipped with several interesting features that make it much more interesting for users to interact. 
  • Super-expanded functionality. Expensive features which only top eCommerce projects can boast of being implemented. 

Work with Design

The design takes a lot of time, as it consists of several stages. Most of the time is devoted to creating a corporate identity. This stage alone takes from 7 to 14 days. A lot of time is also spent on a logo and UI/UX design. 

Working with The Server Part

Often implementing the server side takes more time than the work on the visual paradigm. This is especially true for developing a messenger or a service with a large database.

The problem is not only associated with the fact that you need to carefully think through the logic. Much more time is spent on the duplication of the database in real-time, which allows you to have a backup copy at any time.

Testing and Support

If you treat the product intelligently, you can avoid many errors. However, even the most experienced and advanced specialists understand that it is impossible to publish a product without checking it first.

Launching and Support

The launching is a simple procedure that takes no more than 2-3 days. After the release, it will have its first users. To keep the interest of the audience growing and expanding, you need to maintain the product. First, a detailed response should be given to each review or comment. Secondly, if the technical support service receives a message, it is necessary to read it as soon as possible and solve the problem.

The stage of support includes constant work with analytics, attracting users, and promoting the project. Specialists in this case perform what tasks:

  • Checking the performance of analytics functions;
  • work with analytical reports;
  • Maintenance of the site and pages in social networks;
  • communication with the media and bloggers;
  • maintaining their own blog;
  • Launching web pages and groups in social networks;
  • serving users with questions.

How to Calculate the App Development Cost

The app development cost is influenced by the overall state. Many companies are currently experiencing a shortage of experienced professionals, so they offer high salaries. 


The terms of the contract always specify the number of hours that specialists will spend on the work on the product. Please note that different studios may have different rates. 

Expenses During and After Publication

Testing, technical and commercial support all play an important role in a software product. For an app to work steadily and delight its users, it needs regular updates and promotions. Since app development cost varies from company to company, the price of all these processes will also vary. Keep in mind that every organization has its own way of providing technical support.

Additional Costs

There may be additional costs in the case of the following tasks:

  • regular analysis of the technical part of the product;
  • work with statistics, improvement of behavioral factors;
  • various studies aimed at improving the project;
  • integration with third-party services;
  • Implementation of additional components after the publication.

You need to find out about app development costs during negotiations.


Developing a mobile app is a complicated process that takes a lot of time and requires a serious investment. As a rule, the procedure consists of several stages, among which the most labor-intensive are considered: graphic prototyping; server, programming, and implementation of complex technologies. 

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