The popularity of live casino games in Canada

The popularity of live casino games in Canada

Live casino games have gained a significant role in Canada. Players enjoy them because they give an immersive experience and create a unique form of entertainment. With the progress of technology, these games have allowed everyone to take advantage of a real-time and interactive gaming experience.

In this article, we will explore the most popular live casino games in Canada, explaining why they’ve captured the players’ attention and how they continue to influence the growth of online gaming.

Convenience & real-life experience

By playing these games, players can enjoy a real casino atmosphere on their screens. This experience is enhanced by high-definition video streaming, real-time interaction with dealers, and the use of actual casino equipment, creating a sense of being on the casino floor.

Unlike traditional games, live dealer ones use actual card decks, roulette wheels and other tools, adding more authenticity to the experience. This mix of elements with the accessibility of online play is perfect for those who love the authenticity of land-based casinos but prefer the accessibility and convenience of online platforms.

Many casinos to choose from

For Canadian players, choosing the right casino to play these games is very important. That’s because not all sites offer the same amount of titles. So you’ll want to make sure that the games you want to play with a live dealer are actually available.

There are a variety of comparison tools that can help you with this. A good example is Casino Professor which lists a range of real money online casinos that are available in Canada. Here, you can learn more about each casino’s library of live games to see which sites fit your preferences.

Top live dealer games

The popularity of live casino games in Canada

The live casino scene in Canada is vibrant, with several games standing out as favourites among players. They are known for their dynamic play, strategic depth, and interactive elements, providing a thrilling experience that keeps Canadian players wanting to play more to discover new features.

Here are some of the most popular games that can be played with a live dealer.


Blackjack tops the list in terms of popularity due to the blend of skill, strategy and the classic rush of beating the dealer. The live version of this timeless game adds a new dimension with real-time decisions and the opportunity to play alongside other players.

Canadian players appreciate the transparency of seeing the cards dealt in front of them, which adds more trust and excitement. The interaction with dealers and other players also brings a social aspect, making each hand more than just a game.


The iconic image of the spinning roulette wheel is synonymous with casinos. The live online version brings this excitement right to you. This game captures the anticipation as the ball whirls around the wheel, offering players a variety of betting options. From the simplicity of red or black to more complex wagers.

The presence of a live dealer spinning a real wheel, as opposed to a digital simulation, elevates the game. It makes you feel the thrill of chance and the elegance of a classic casino table. Every time you play your hand, you can feel the excitement of the people around you waiting to see what the outcome will be.

Game shows

Game shows are a more recent addition to the live casino scene. They mix together elements of traditional TV game shows with interactive casino-style betting for a thrilling and fun experience.

Canadian players enjoy the vibrant and engaging atmosphere of these games, with dynamic hosts, immersive sets, and a blend of strategy and luck. Some of the most popular names are “Dream Catcher” and “Deal or No Deal”. Players feel like they’re part of the show, with the possibility of winning money.


Known for its simplicity and elegance, this game has gained a substantial following. The game is straightforward, with players betting on either the ‘Player,’ ‘Banker’ or a ‘Tie.’

Despite being quite simple, this game displays an air of sophistication and it’s often associated with high rollers. The live dealer version adds a layer of authenticity, with real-time dealing and the traditional Baccarat tableau adding to the experience. Its straightforward nature makes it an excellent choice for both newcomers and more experienced players looking for a relaxed yet elegant gaming session.

Growth and development

The popularity of live casinos is already very high in Canada. As detailed by the iGaming Ontario Commission, almost a third of casino wagers were on table games with live dealers which is very high compared with other countries. This happened in the first year that the Ontario gaming license was launched too, so it’s clear that this area of online casino gaming has huge growth potential.

In fact, a deeper focus on the Canadian market is already taking place. For example, Playtech, which is one of the most popular software providers in the industry, has supported the launch of a live casino studio dedicated to players in Canada.

This increased focus is only likely to strengthen in future. It’s possible that Canadian-themed live games could be created to better target this audience. Also, more software providers could start producing a larger number of these games because this is what players in Canada are looking for.

With these processes and developments, it’s very likely that Canada will continue to drive the live casino industry forward.

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