The 6 Best Countries for Betting Promotions

The 6 Best Countries for Betting Promotions

Online gambling is extremely popular because of the wide variety of betting markets and the convenience it offers, but the legality of betting online will be dependent on your location.

The popular industry is extremely competitive, which is great news for gamblers who want to explore the best sign-up bonuses.

Come with us on a trip around the world to explore different online betting markets and the best bonuses to be found.

The Best Countries for Betting Promotions

Countries with limited online betting options are significantly less likely to offer a good range of betting promotions. The list below shows a range of competitive betting markets where operators are competing for customers by offering deals.

1.    US

Depending on which state residents live in, there can be great online betting options to choose from. The U.S. allows states to decide on their own betting laws and a 2018 Supreme Court decision to allow sports betting in all states has opened the market considerably.

Some states like Hawaii and Utah still completely outlaw all gambling, while others have different rules for lotteries, in-person betting, and online gambling. Even states that prohibit gambling often don’t have regulations that stop offshore betting.

Offshore betting sites can offer a great range of betting promotions and there are many trustworthy sites for people to explore.

2.    Malaysia

Malaysia offers a range of great betting sites with competitive bonuses. This can help residents narrow down the sites they can choose from. Some of the most popular betting bonuses available in Malaysia include:

  • Free bets
  • Money back bets
  • Enhanced odds
  • Winnings boost

The Common Gaming Houses Act, which dates back to 1953, is the country’s most important gambling law. However, its last update came in 2006, so there are currently no regulations on digital sportsbooks.

While regulations can make starting online betting companies difficult in the country, it also means Malaysians are not prohibited from signing up with offshore operators (source:

3.    Mexico

Mexico has a thriving in-person and online gambling market. Online gambling is legal for those over the age of 18 and there are many large betting operators and smaller betting sites to choose from.

4.    Malta

For a relatively small country, Malta is a big name in the online gambling world. The country capitalised on the market by regulating the industry when others were dragging their heels.

The country’s gambling industry is regulated by The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) who ensure that all online operators are licensed and behave in an honest and fair way.

One of the most significant reasons that online gambling operators base their operations in Malta is the competitive tax rates. This allows companies to maximise profits and work in a well-regulated environment.

5.    Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for gamblers who want to take in some of the world’s best-integrated resorts and casinos. Online gambling is also popular in the country, with the Singapore Pools offering a range of markets and offshore betting proving to be popular for casino games and sportsbooks.

6.    UK

The UK has one of the most competitive online betting markets in the world with a range of big-name bookmakers and smaller independent online casinos battling for custom. This results in customers being able to shop around for the best deals that suit their needs and preferences.

Bonuses and Loyalty Schemes

One of the best things about the development of online gambling is the opportunity it gives customers to take advantage of sign-up bonuses and other benefits. The competitive nature of the industry means that operators must try to stand out by offering better deals.

Retaining customers is just as important as getting new ones and this means that existing customers can also expect offers to encourage them to stay.

Free Bets

Free bets are an obvious way to entice new users. They encourage the customer to sign up and create an account, and in some cases, the free bet is provided after a deposit to the account is made.

Free spins on slot machines can be a great marketing technique to encourage new users and teach them how to play the games. This means they are far more likely to return or try playing for money.

Matched Stakes

Matched stake bonuses are an excellent way for customers to increase their stake without having to spend more. This is also a common bonus offered by crypto casinos.

Matched stake bets will typically have a limit as to how much will be matched and may be dependent on the odds.

Increased Odds

Increased odds for new customers are something that is popular in sports betting. Increased first goalscorer bets or other football markets are often offered before a big game or tournament.

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes that reward players for spending and the types of bets they lay can encourage customers to stay with a site rather than look elsewhere for appealing bonuses.


Finding countries with a competitive online betting market will almost always help you find the best bonuses and offers. Competitive markets demand that operators go above and beyond when trying to attract new customers.

Customer retention is also something bettors should consider when signing up for a new betting site. Initial bonuses might be good to take advantage of for one-off bets, but finding an online casino or sportsbook that offers reliability, good service, and a loyalty scheme can help you in the long term.

The best betting sites will take advantage of developing tech such as AI to streamline processes and tailor offers to customers’ betting patterns.

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