Telegram increases group video calls viewers to 1000

Telegram increases group video calls viewers to 1000
Telegram increases group video calls viewers to 1000

According to the latest news, Telegram has announced the new features and improvements that will come with the new app update. It seems Telegram is keeping focused on video.

Last month, Telegram launched the group video call. Now, those video sessions can tally up to 1,000 viewers. As of now, as many as 30 people will be able to participate and broadcast into a video call at a particular point in time. According to the company, that is enough for “anything from online lectures to live rap battles”.

Telegram has increased the resolution of video messages. Users can also tap the video to make the clip larger. Telegram says while recording video messages, audio from the device will be used “so you can now sing along to your favourite songs or reply without pausing your podcast.”

Telegram has also added a new feature which zooms while the rear camera is recording. Other additional features include screen sharing for one on one video calls, auto-delete messages options for more than a month old messages. It is to be noted that the longest option available so far was one week, so with the latest improvements, users can keep 30 days older messages.

Last but not the least, in order to boost the user experience, Telegram is bringing animations in the passcode screen and when you send messages on Android. Note that iOS users already enjoyed these animations with the previous update. If you are interested to check out the full list of the new offerings of the latest update, you can check it from Telegram’s blog by clicking here.

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