Spotemgottem Net Worth: American Rapper, Early Life, Personal Life, Career and Many More Updates

spotemgottem net worth

SpotemGottem’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. SpotemGottem, real name Nehemiah Lamar Harden, is a young American harmonic rapper who was born in Jacksonville, Florida on October 19, 2001. He earns roughly $100,000 every year. His tracks “Beatbox,” “Tooka,” “Straight Facts,” and “Street Gossip” are among his most well-known.

He was arrested in a hotel room on July 15, 2021, for being found in bed with a rifle. According to NBC, he was being followed by a US marshal. The rapper was recently spotted on the red carpet of the BET Awards 2021. SpotemGottem has been accused of various things over the years, including having a gun and being involved in hooliganism. Spotmagoteam was handed an $18,500 bond to face trial on July 16.

Net Worth of Spotem Gottem


spotemgottem net worth

The net worth of SpotemGottem, aka Nehemiah Lamar Harden, is $600,000. He is an up-and-coming American harmonic rapper best known for his tracks “Beatbox,” “Tooka,” “Straight Facts,” and “Street Gossip.” His annual salary is expected to be over $100Kin 2022.

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He is a well-known rapper who has amassed a sizable fortune and does not require financial assistance from anyone. His YouTube channel and Instagram audience can help him earn a lot of money through paid promotions. He has a Ford automobile costing $40,000, despite his dislike for many luxury cars.

Early years

SpotemGottem, a young emerging talent, was born in Florida on October 19, 2001. He was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. SpotemGottem has wanted to pursue a career in music since he was a child.

SpotemGottem is a freestyle rapping expert. He has sung a lot of songs thus far.

SpottemGottem’s Net Worth and Music Career

spotemgottem net worth

On December 17, 2018, SpotemGottem debuted his music career with the release of “Street Gossip,” a single. His official YouTube channel uploaded the song. He also made the music available on SoundCloud. He was only 17 when his debut song was released.

The song and video were extremely famous. His freestyle rapping in the song was well received. Two years have passed, and his followers continue to listen to his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. His first song had over 1.5 million views on YouTube and 1.03 million listens on SoundCloud.

SpotemGottem released a second song named “Thug Harmony” on January 14, 2019, a few days after the first single was released. It became extremely popular as his first single. After then, he proceeded to publish his songs to YouTube. He released a new song named “My Problem$” on YouTube on January 25, 2019. On May 8, 2019, the song’s official music was released. The video garnered positive feedback. On YouTube, it has over a million views.

He wrote a couple more songs and uploaded them to YouTube because he knew people liked his tunes. He released a new song called “Why I” in July 2019. He also added “Tooka,” “Get Back Mode,” “Straight Facts,” “Adore Me,” and “Soulja Mentality” to the mix.

SpotemGottem released a new single, “My Legacy,” on October 2, 2019. More people become fans of his freestyle rap in song. On YouTube, the video has over 2.5 million views. On April 21, 2020, his most popular single “BeatBox” was released. The song went on to become his biggest success. On YouTube, it has over 19 million views.

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  • He has a lot of tattoos on his body.
  • He is a jewelry collector with a large collection.
  • Is he a smoker? Yes.
  • Geffen Records, Rebel Music, Ingrooves, and Interscope Records are his record labels.
  • His Soundcloud page has almost 35k subscribers.
  • He enjoys traveling and has visited several locations around the United States.
  • Spotmegottem[at]gmail[dot]com is his contact/business email.
  • Does he consume alcoholic beverages? It is unknown.
  • On Twitter, he has over 10,000 followers and 3000 tweets.
  • His photographs are shared on his Instagram account, which has over 978k followers.
  • He is now based in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Life of SpotemGottem

spotemgottem net worth

SpotemGottem is a young rapper that is now single. It’s possible that he hasn’t discovered his true love yet, or that he’s too focused on his rapping career to get involved with any girls.

potemGottem, like other star artists, has a sizable social media following. On Instagram, he has 585 thousand followers. On his own self-titled YouTube Channel, he has 221K subscribers.

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After being shot five times in Miami, SpotemGottem is currently in critical condition.