Sony unveils the world’s first double-stacked image sensor for smartphones

The Japanese Multinational Company, Sony has unveiled CMOS Sensor with two-layer transistor pixels that provides extreme clarified image capturing ability.

Sony and their Semiconductor division has worked to create a new chipset semiconductor, which has the ability to absorb double the light from the objects.

It is not yet been decided on where to use the latest breakthrough invention. But Sony will work on to make their chipset capable of doing wonders, in the highly competitive market.

Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, etc. competing severely to provide the best image capturing technology. Whereas Canon, Nikon and Sony competing for the better camera tech.  

What Sony did in their double-stacked sensor technology

In general image sensors, makers place the photodiodes and pixel transistors on the same substrate layer side by side. According to Sony in their new design, they have placed the semiconductors in two different layers.

This simple change in the design will drastically change that is, doubling the saturation level. And this change will certainly improve the light gathering capability and also the dynamic range with reduced noise.

The change in the sensor design will certainly improve the camera capability to gather more light in dim environments and low lights which much advanced final image.   

Sony unveils the world's first double-stacked image sensor for smartphones
Sony unveils the world’s first double-stacked image sensor for smartphones

Sony’s view on their latest innovation

According to Sony, reset transistors, select transistors and amp transistors along with pixel transistors except transfer gates occupy a layer which is photodiode free.

Hence, increasing the size of amp transistors enabled SONY to reduce noise during low light and night photoshoot.

Sony have not yet revealed the targeted device for the new technology. We can certainly assume that they’ll experiment in their DSLRs and Hand Cams, and later bring the technology in smartphones. Do share your thoughts on Sony’s double-stacked sensor in the comment seciton below.

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