Sony subsidiary attempts to market a PS5 SSD in Japan

Sony subsidiary attempts to market a PS5 SSD in Japan
Sony subsidiary attempts to market a PS5 SSD in Japan

According to the latest news, Sony subsidiary Nextorage has released an SSD specially designed for PS5. It has a heat sink and is fast enough to surpass Sony’s recommendations. It comes in 1 TB and 2 TB size options.

Nextorage describes itself as a “Sony group company specializing in the memory storage solutions business”. The company’s NEM-PA SSD passes all PlayStation 5 compatibilities recommended by Sony. Gigazine tested one NEM-PA SSD and says it is not only as fast as the console’s internal SSD but it fits the PS5 s slot like it is made for it.

It seems nothing comes without a few drawbacks and this SSD also has some. One of the major drawbacks is that this SSD is not available for sale outside of Japan. Secondly, it comes with an expensive price tag. The 1 TB variant comes with a price tag of 36,444 yen, which is roughly $330 USD. One top PS5 SSD pick, 1 TB WD Black SN850 is available at 29,540 yen which is roughly $270 USD. Moreover, despite Nextorage being a Sony subsidiary, it does not seem the PlayStation team had much involvement with this SSD.

Nextorage posted a YouTube video with the following description:

“Performance with PlayStation®5 is tested by Nextorage.

This is not a product developed under the license program of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for all game titles.

This is one of two product images on the Yodobashi store. If you look closely, you can see a PS5 reference. Image: Yodobashi/Nextorage “

However, Nextorage is trying its best to market this SSD for the PS5. The company’s product page mentions how to install the drive into a console, and how it can be used to hold PlayStation games.

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