Should You Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Should You Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Most of us consider car insurance a long-term security agreement with our insurer that typically lasts 12 months. However, what if you are on a short trip to a different province and need insurance just for a couple of weeks? Or do you happen to be a car dealer and want to sell a vehicle just after a couple of days of owning it?

With temporary car insurance policies, you can get customized solutions to fulfill specific coverage requirements. This short-term coverage can range from a few days to a few months. Typically, these policies cover your car for a shorter duration compared to traditional auto insurance policies.

Remember, insuring your vehicle is mandatory in Canada. Even if you are in a different province for a couple of weeks, ensure adequate coverage.

Reputed insurance brokers like Surex can recommend cost-effective temporary policies to protect your car.

What does short-term or temporary insurance mean?

As the name suggests, temporary car insurance is a custom-designed insurance policy that remains valid for a few days or months. Drivers in Canada who require coverage less than a typical one-year policy usually go for these policies. Typically, these policies cover vehicles between one and three months.

Short-term insurance policies prove to be affordable. Why shell out a premium for the entire year when you need coverage only for a few months? Rather than committing yourself to an annual or monthly payment schedule, it pays to remain on the economic end.

When should you get a temporary car insurance policy?

Insurance experts advise car owners to vouch for temporary insurance only under some specific conditions.

  • Tourists in Canada often prefer driving their own cars rather than renting a vehicle. Self-driving proves to be more cost-effective compared to renting cars for a month or so. You may get temporary auto insurance in these situations depending on your provincial requirements.
  • You may be planning to sell off your car. Your existing car might have a temporary license plate. Get a temporary car insurance policy to cover the temporary license plate by the time you register the new one.
  • Do you want to borrow a car from your colleague or friend for a few months? A temporary insurance policy would get you covered.
  • If you are someone who frequently rents cars from rental companies in Canada, make sure to get short-term insurance before hitting the roads.
  • Do you have a fascination for sports, antique, or vintage cars? Maybe you are using this car as a second or backup vehicle. When you take this car out on the road, a temporary insurance policy should cover the vehicle. Trying to get these cars insured under your regular policy might prove to be expensive.
  • If you are buying a used car that remained idle for several months, its insurance policy might have lapsed. Get temporary insurance coverage to make it road-worthy before purchasing your regular policy.

What does a temporary insurance policy cover?

Car owners can customize a temporary insurance policy based on their requirements. The scope of a short-term insurance policy can be the same as your regular one. These include:

  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Medical expenses and accident benefits
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Add-ons

Personalizing a temporary insurance policy according to your requirements is easy, just like your long-term policies. Contact a reputed insurance broker to include the necessary features in your temporary policy before purchasing it.

Can you get temporary insurance in all provinces in Canada?

Let’s check out the provincial specifications guiding the requirements of temporary insurance policies in Canada.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, drivers are entitled to obtain a TOP permit. This permit remains valid for up to 15 days. Drivers can also get these policies ranging from three to 11 months. These policies secure the cars during ownership transfers, transportation, and test drives. Moreover, one can reach out to a private insurance company for additional protection.


There’s no scope for purchasing a temporary insurance policy in Alberta. However, in this province, you can obtain a special in-transit permit. In the process, drivers can use the existing registration and plate for a maximum of 14 days. However, this permit doesn’t include any insurance benefit. In Alberta, there’s no policy less than six months in duration.


Short-term insurance policies for cars are available in Manitoba. These permits remain valid from one day to 30 days, and you need to purchase them through public insurance sites. These permits are inclusive of both optional and basic insurance coverages. Besides, you need to shell out an additional 5% as a surcharge. In case you are a resident of Manitoba, you can get a maximum of three temporary permits for each vehicle in a year.


The public provincial insurance system in Quebec allows drivers to obtain temporary permits. These permits are pretty flexible and can range from 12 hours to 30 days. These permits are issued by a local dealer. No insurance company would offer these permits for a duration shorter than six months.


In Saskatchewan, when you purchase a car temporary insurance remains valid from one to eight days. However, these policies are meant only for unregistered vehicles. The permit also covers the car while you drive through the roads in Saskatchewan. A one-day permit costs $24, while the eight-day policy costs $48.

New Brunswick

Drivers in New Brunswick can get a temporary insurance policy. However, these policies cover relatively long periods and remain valid for more than six months. If you don’t need a full-term policy, you have the option of cancelling it early. Cancellation charges may be applicable based on the agreed terms.

Nova Scotia

A few insurers in Nova Scotia offer short-term insurance policies. These policies remain valid for either six months or a year. If you don’t need coverage for such a long term, you can cancel the policy mid-way. However, the refund amount and procedure depend on the discretion of the insurers.


When it comes to car insurance temporary coverage is a great option for certain motorists, but it can be confusing. If you aren’t sure about the existing norms in the province where you want to drive, it’s wise to seek professional advice from insurance brokers. Reach out to Surex, where the experts can recommend the right temporary car insurance policy to ensure cost-effectiveness and optimal coverage.

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