San Bernardino Safeguard Strategies: How To Ensure Safe Used Car Sales Transactions 

Selling your used car can take a lot of time and effort. But once you’ve done the wheeling and dealing, the transaction could still go south. Unfortunately, some scammers can hide behind a friendly smile and a carefree attitude while secretly plotting to con you out of your used car, your money, or both. This horrible situation can be avoided if you know what to look for and how to read the signs that you’re being scammed. 

How Not to Get Hustled When Selling Your Used Car 

The safest and most secure way to sell an older vehicle is to contact a junk car dealer, like a San Bernardino junk car buyer. These specialized dealerships are the most stress-free way to sell a vehicle that most people wouldn’t consider buying. Most will haul your wreck away within 24 hours and will leave you with cash in hand.  

When you decide to sell your used car, following certain guidelines is important to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction. If you’re selling it to a private buyer, there’s a chance that you might come across individuals whose intentions are not genuine and who might try to scam you. However, there are certain red flags to look out for and precautionary measures you can take to keep yourself safe. Here are some rules you should adhere to when selling your used car to the general public. 

Meet Buyers in a Public Place 

You probably wouldn’t invite a random stranger to your home, so why would you do it when selling your used car? If the vehicle isn’t running, then perhaps selling it to a private individual isn’t the best means of doing so. A junk car should be sold to a junk car dealership to avoid random strangers showing up at your residence. 

Meet prospective buyers in well-lit public places. Shopping mall parking lots are an excellent place to meet since most have security cameras and lots of foot traffic. Troublemakers are less apt to try any funny business in public places. 

Be Careful With How You’re Paid 

Payment is probably the most important part of selling your used car. It is the point when most fraudsters attempt to con you out of money. Cash is always king when it comes to being paid, but unless the agreed-upon price is a few hundred dollars, demanding a cash payment may not be for the best. 

If your payment is in the form of a personal or bank check, never hand over the vehicle’s title and keys until the check clears. A personal check is no guarantee that the funds are available, and bank checks could be forged. Honest buyers won’t have any problems waiting to accept delivery of the vehicle until their checks are cleared by the bank. 

Safest Ways To Sell Your Old Used Car 

Online used car sales are the most common approach to selling to a private buyer. However, this method does expose you to potential hustlers and con men. If you’re attempting to sell a less-than-desirable vehicle, there are other avenues to take for a much easier and safer sale. Here’s a look at the best methods for selling a junk car. 

  • Junkyard sales – Most junk and scrap yards will buy used cars. It’s best to inquire with them beforehand to ensure they do accept them. Some may offer a towing service, but usually on the seller’s dime. Payment is based on the current rate for scrap metal and the value of whatever usable parts the vehicle has. While you won’t get top dollar, this is a safe and secure method of sales
  • Sell it to a junk car dealer – For both profit and convenience, selling your used car to a specialized dealer that buys all kinds of cars despite age, mileage, and condition is your best bet. Junk car dealers will come directly to you, haul away your vehicle, and leave you with a cash payment. 

The Bottom Line 

Most used car buyers are honest, hard-working people whose sole interest is in purchasing a new-to-them vehicle. While this is the norm, used car sellers need to practice caution when dealing with random strangers. Many have been conned or scammed out of money by hustlers who’ve perfected the art of thievery. 

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