Samsung starts mass production of 90 Hz OLED laptop screens

Samsung starts mass production of 90 Hz OLED laptop screens
Samsung starts mass production of 90 Hz OLED laptop screens

According to the latest news, Samsung Display is going by its promise to ramp up OLED production. Samsung has begun mass producing laptop sized 90 Hz OLED panels. It will appear in multiple upcoming 14 inches laptops from Asus.

Asus Vice General Manager Y.C. Chen said in a statement “The demand for laptops is increasing steadily as working from home and remote learning become the new norm. OLED displays can meet consumers’ various needs as they’re using laptops for school, virtual meetings, video streaming, gaming, and more.”

Samsung Display first announced about the mass production of OLED panels in January without specifying any list of partners. At that time, the company stated “OLED panels can best satisfy the diverse consumer needs for laptops used in telework, online education, video streaming, and gaming.”

Now, Samsung Display said in a statement, “The 90Hz OLED panel offers more options for consumers who are looking to enjoy high-performance content on their laptops. With our innovative OLEDs, we’re further pioneering and leading the market in display technologies that offer superior image quality.” This is Samsung Display’s first official confirmation that mass production.

Apart from a few exceptions, OLED has largely been featured on large, high end laptops in recent years. However, recently, it is also being seen in a couple of smaller and more affordable notebooks. Last month, major manufacturers like Asus and Lenovo have announced a slew of OLED laptops across sizes and price tags and many of those came with a 90 Hz option.

For Samsung, the new 90 Hz panels will be launched in the market through the upcoming 14 inches Zenbook and 14 inches Vivobook Pro. In 2nd September, Asus announced the Zenbook 14X. It will be available with either a 4K OLED HDR display or a 2.8K OLED 90 HZ display. Models will come with a price tag starting from $1,399.99. It is to be noted that the price has been increased significantly for this model because Asus’s most recent ultraportable OLED Zenbook, Asus Zenbook 13 featuring an FHD OLED screen started from $799.99.

Asus has also added OLED panels to a number of devices in its product lines. Asus ProArt StudioBook 16 OLED and ProArt StudioBook 16 is expected to be launched in the 4th quarter of this financial year and they are going to be among the first 16 inch laptops to include come with 4K OLED HDR displays. The 14 inches, 15 inches, and 16 inches models in the budget oriented VivoBook line starting at $749.99 will also come with OLED.

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