Samsung patents Folding and Sliding Display Phone design

Samsung patents Folding and Sliding Display Phone
Samsung patents Folding and Sliding Display Phone

Samsung has yet again taken a leap in terms of latest innovation. WIPO has published a report on 16th December about their latest phone design with FOLDING AND SLIDING Display.

The South Korean multinational technology manufacturing company has made its name in World stage with their number of acquired patents. Few days ago, we’ve published a report on Samsung’s latest innovation in foldable, stretchable and rollable display for smart watches.

Latest report from World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) published on 16th December, revealed their new thought on Smart phone display.

Previously, Samsung has rolled out the Flip phone with foldable display design in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. They have also innovated with Slide display in their Samsung Galaxy Z Slide.

Samsung Folding and Sliding Display design

According to the reports and image leaks from 91mobiles, we can certainly assume that Samsung is working on combining folding and sliding design.

Samsung patents Folding and Sliding Display Phone design

The phone display will be able to fold on one side and slide out from the other side. The images shows that the display will expand to create a massive on-screen experience.

Although we have not received any further information yet, regarding the size of the original and expanded display as it is still in patent stage. But from the images, we can assume that the display will make the screen twice as big as the phone.

Samsung patents Folding and Sliding Display Phone

Seeing deep into the technology

The company might use the hinge and motor mechanism to roll in the display and roll out, as required by the user.

The screen will also have a bend on it, which will allow the user to lift up the screen and use it as a Palmtop.

In conclusion, we can certainly presume that the company has focused more into the innovation of display. Having a bigger screen will definitely trigger the experience while reading, watching motion pictures and even gaming.

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