Samsung patents Foldable, Stretchable & Rollable display for Smartwatch

Samsung patents Foldable, Stretchable & Rollable display for Smartwatch
Samsung patents Foldable, Stretchable & Rollable display for Smartwatch

World Intellectual Property Office released the report of Samsung acquiring the patent of Foldable, stretchable and rollable display for smartwatches. 

Samsung has turned out to become the most innovative technological giant of the world. According to reports from World Intellectual Property Office, Samsung Electronics has applied for 9,499 patents this year and have acquired 3,524 patents.

Now, this number takes the total acquired patents count of Samsung Electronics to 263,702. And this number proves that Samsung has certainly topped the chart with highest number of new innovative technology.

Samsung Display acquires patent for Innovative smartwatches

Reports from World Intellectual Property office (WIPO) reveals that Samsung has originally applied for the Stretchable, foldable and Rollable display for Smartwatches patent in June, 2021; and has finally acquired it in December 2021 after submitting a 96-page initial Patent report.

Samsung patents Foldable, Stretchable & Rollable display for Smartwatches

The technology involves a touch screen activation of the extendable screen or it can be done by pressing the crown of the watch.

New technology from Samsung will allow users to extend the display of their smartwatches by 40%. The extra display region stays rolled up inside and rolls out in two different parts from both ends.

The users will have the liberty to choose whether to extend one part of the display or both simultaneously.

Selfie Camera in Samsung Smartwatches

Samsung Electronics has also included the idea of attaching a camera inside the smartwatch. The camera will work independently of foldable screens. Hence, it will work as an excellent selfie camera and can also be used for security and monitoring purposes.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the specifications of the products officially. And we cannot expect the time by when the product will be out in market for the users.

However, seeing from the patents and their innovative thoughts, we can say that the future will see the innovation of smartwatches and evolving them with growing technology.

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