Prodigal Son Season 3: Released Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Many More Updates You Need

prodigal son season 3

In early May of 2021, Lou Diamond Phillips was on a stopover aircraft when he spotted Prodigal Son co-creator Chris Fedak dialling his cell phone. Phillips was certain that he’d pick up the phone to discover that Prodigal Son had been renewed for a third season after the Fox drama had already concluded production on Season 2.

“I completely mistook it for a call to say, ‘Hey, buddy, we’re coming back to work in July,'” Phillips tells TVLine. “I had every reason to expect, as did the actors and crew, that this would be the case.”

However, as Prodigal Son fans will know, there was no renewal announcement, and the programme was terminated at the end of its second season.

Phillips talked about how “gutted” and “blindsided” he was by Prodigal Son’s cancellation while discussing his recent guest appearance on Fox freshman The Cleaning Lady. (At the time, Fedak and co-creator Sam Sklaver had this to say about that conclusion.)

“I believed there was no doubt when [Fox] authorised a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2.” If you’re going to yank the plug, you don’t do that,” Phillips explains. “‘Hey, fellas, let’s wrap it up,’ you say. You generally have a sense of which direction things are heading before they happen, so this came as a shock. ‘Bro, they cancelled us,’ Chris stated as they were closing the plane doors. ‘You’re kidding, right?’ I thought. ‘Are you serious?’ It was breathtaking.”


The story follows Malcolm Bright, whose father, Martin Whitly, is known as “the Surgeon,” a notorious serial murderer. Malcolm was a youngster when he assisted the police in arresting his father, and he hasn’t seen him in ten years. Malcolm is compelled to confront his father as a copycat serial murderer appears after becoming an FBI profiler and now working for the NYPD. He must rely on Whitly’s ideas to assist him to solve heinous crimes while dealing with personal issues.

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When will Season 3 of Prodigal Son be released?

After 20 episodes that aired between September 2019 and April 2020, the first season of “Prodigal Son” came to an end (via IMDb). After then, the series resumed in January 2021 for Season 2, which is presently running. Despite the fact that the second season of “Prodigal Son” is being produced amid a pandemic, it does not appear that this is causing any delays in its release. Despite the fact that series actor Michael Sheen contracted COVID-19 in early 2021, the series was able to continue without interruption (via Deadline).

Season 3 of “Prodigal Son” has yet to be announced. However, the fact that filming continued despite one of its actors being stricken with a serious illness implies that the show is still a top priority for the network. Season 2 should wrap up in July or August 2021, if the episode order resembles that of the previous season. If the series is renewed for a third season, it is unlikely to resume until at least early 2022.

Season 3 Cast of Prodigal Son

Lou Diamond Phillips as Gil Arroyo and Michael Sheen as Dr Martin Whitly had key parts in the TV series. Aurora Perrineau (Dani Powell), Halston Sage (Ainsley Whitly), Tom Payne (Malcolm Bright), Bellamy Young (Jessica Whitley), Frank Harts (JT Tarmel), and Keiko Agena (Dr Edrisa Tanaka) are all possible candidates for the role of Dr Edrisa Tanaka.

What will be the plot of Season 3 of Prodigal Son?

Malcolm’s sociopathic inclinations are continually on the verge of surfacing while consulting with his serial murderer father, which is crucial to their connection. As a result, Malcolm is frequently pulled between his law enforcement duty with the NYPD and inner darkness. Ainsley, Malcolm’s sister, suffers from similar sociopathy and has even committed murder. Going into the third season, this basic familial conflict should stay at the centre of the show.

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Episodes of “Prodigal Son” usually centre upon individual police investigations on a lesser scale. The fundamental drama of the series is progressively revealed through these cases. Unless Malcolm completely embraces his sociopathic traits, that formula is likely to persist into a hypothetical Season 3. Of course, because the series is defined as much by surprising narrative twists as it is by its repeating format, a third season would almost certainly be full of shocks for fans.

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