Pedro Argote Ethnicity Mystery Solved: Jaw-Dropping Revelations Inside

Pedro Argote (age: 49, born November 24, 1973) is currently being sought by law enforcement in Maryland. The reason? He’s a suspect in the killing of Washington County Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson, whose tragic death occurred very close to Argote’s home. Authorities are taking this situation very seriously and are warning the public to be extremely cautious when it comes to Pedro, as he is considered armed and dangerous. They are urging people not to approach him directly. The search for this fugitive reached a critical level of urgency on October 20, 2023.

Adding to the intrigue, a disturbing Facebook post has come to light. It reveals that Argote had been taking shooting lessons just a few months before he filed for divorce from his wife, Eugenia Argote. In an effort to encourage assistance from the public, authorities have announced a substantial $10,000 reward for anyone who can provide information that leads to the capture of Pedro Argote.

Let’s embark on a journey to uncover Pedro Argote’s ethnicity, delving into the multifaceted strands of his heritage that have contributed to shaping the person he is today.

Pedro Argote Family Background

Pedro Argote was born on November 24, 1973 in Washington, America. According to available information, he has made his home in Frederick since his marriage. A glimpse into court records reveals that there was a significant incident in June 2022 when Argote’s wife filed a domestic violence petition against him.

However, this petition was dismissed in less than two weeks. In her petition, Argote’s wife detailed concerns about physical abuse against one of their daughters, a feeling of insecurity due to his possession of a weapon, and apprehensions about his potential intent to take their children away from her.

She noted that Argote owned a minimum of two firearms. She further described how he would subject her to harassment through texts and emails, employ home security cameras to keep an eye on her, and exercise emotional and financial control. The local sheriff confirmed that Argote possessed a legally registered handgun.

Judge Wilkinson Fatally Shot

On a Thursday night around 8 p.m., a tragic incident occurred that left the community in shock. Judge Wilkinson was shot in the driveway of his home in the 19100 block of Olde Waterford Road, just north of Hagerstown, Maryland.

What makes this tragedy even more heart-wrenching is that Judge Wilkinson’s wife and son were inside the house when the shooting happened. The impact of this event on their lives is unimaginable.

Local deputies responded swiftly to reports of the shooting and found Judge Wilkinson in critical condition. They rushed him to Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, but despite their desperate efforts, he did not survive.

In a press conference, authorities revealed that they are actively investigating the incident. They are carefully examining all available evidence, including security camera footage from the vicinity of Judge Wilkinson’s residence. The community is left in suspense, waiting for answers and justice.

Why did Pedro shot Judge Andrew Wilkinson?

Pedro Argote’s decision to end Wilkinson’s life appears to be linked to a deeply distressing custody ruling. It’s reported that Wilkinson presided over a hearing on the morning of October 19, 2023, specifically regarding a partial judgment of absolute divorce. Interestingly, Argote was notably absent from that hearing.

However, the attack is believed to be a reaction to the custody decision favoring the mother of Argote’s children. According to court documents, the judgment for absolute divorce was granted to the wife due to Argote’s cruel treatment and irreconcilable differences.

In addition to the divorce, sole custody of their four children was awarded to the wife. Furthermore, it was ruled that Pedro could not initiate contact with the children or his wife unless she consented, and he could only do so to retrieve a 2009 Mercedes – which happens to be the same vehicle that the sheriff’s office believes he may be using.

The court also granted the wife exclusive use and possession of their family home and imposed restrictions on Argote from entering that residence. Additionally, he was ordered to pay $1,120 per month in child support.

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