PDF to Word – How is it free and safe?

PDF to Word - How is it free and safe?

Convert pdf to word How is it free and safe? For many company departments, it is inevitable that documents in PDF format will often be received. How to convert PDF to Word at zero cost and safely is a major topic. This article is about You share the safe and free way to handle PDF files.

Why choose the safe, free method?

You may have received a contract in the form of a PDF file (hereafter referred to as PDF) instead of a Word file (hereafter referred to as Word). In this article, I’ll show you how to convert PDF to Word safely and easily. Chief reminder on demand is that it is best not to use PDF contracts as they increase the cost of your communication.

Note that if you do a Google search for “PDF to Word conversion”, there may be quite a few software and web pages that come up. However, the developers are not reliable and it is not clear what they will do with the uploaded PDF data.

How to convert PDF to Word?

Program illustrate
1 Open the PDF in the Word application .
2 Upload PDF to Google Drive, convert to Google Docs, download in Word .

We recommend that you use scheme 1 first, and then try 2 based on the accuracy of 1, which will be explained in order below.

There are two types of PDFs
PDF with text information PDF without text information
In the case of contract negotiation, most documents are created in Word and output in PDF format, so Case A is very common. This paper assumes that a.. If you scan a paper contract with a non-OCR capable scanner such as a multifunction device, B will be done. B often appears in PDFs of signed contracts.

It’s lesser known, but can open PDFs in the Word application. The OCR accuracy rate of Word is not high, but if it is a file with character information that has been converted from Word to PDF, it will be the image that returns the PDF character information to Word, and the accuracy rate will be very high.

Conversion method: MAC

The operation method is also very simple, right-click the PDF file, select Open with in the menu, and then select Word . If there is no Word option after clicking “Open With”, click “Choose another program” and select Word.

Note, since Word’s OCR accuracy rate is not high, this function is not suitable for PDF without text information.

2. Upload PDF to Google Drive, convert to Google Docs, download with Word

If 1 doesn’t work due to garbled characters, etc., try using Google Drive. Upload your PDF to Google Drive and you can convert it to Google Docs.


Conversion method (browser based, whether Mac or Windows)

PDF file (right click) > Open with application > Google Docs

This is the same as the conversion in Word in 1. It is the image of the PDF text information reflected in Google Docs as-is. Therefore, if the PDF text information is garbled at the beginning, there are many cases where the garbled characters are reflected in Google Docs.

Tip: If Word and Google Docs Don’t Work

If neither 1 nor 2 work, the character information saved in the PDF is likely to be garbled. In this case, convert the PDF to an image file (.png / .jpg) and upload it to Google Drive.

Then Google Drive will apply high precision OCR again and extract the text information. The fonts, indents, etc. are not very well-formatted, but I think just converting it to textual data will greatly reduce your man-hours. The accuracy of this OCR is really amazing. After that, please format or download Word on Google Docs.

Snap 2022-09-07 at 09.33.10

Converting a PDF to an image file is relatively easy, but the easiest way is to take a screenshot. Also, due to the specification of Google Drive and Docs, OCR can be performed one image at a time, so if the contract has multiple pages, it will be multiple screenshots and multiple Google Docs. Please integrate manually.

PDF to Word Converter using Abcd PDF

The above mentioned that developers on PDF sites are unreliable, but here is an online conversion site that the author thinks you can be very comfortable with, which is an exception. The website is committed to providing free PDF to Word and a variety of online editing tools for the world. So far, the website and development team have been trusted by many countries and even government agencies. The target agency, on their platform website AbcdPDF.com, can find the contact information of the team and they are happy to help you with PDF problems.

Snap 2022-10-17 at 14.54.29

Here are the steps for the tool:

Step 1. Visit the homepage of AbcdPDF platform and select “PDF to Word”.

Step 2. Select “Select File” to upload the file.

Step 3. Wait for the conversion to complete and download to the local.

It only takes 3 steps to complete all operations from PDF to Word, and the converted Word file supports free editing.


PDF to Word How is it free and safe? Some people will always say “get rid of the PDF standard”, in fact PDF is required in many occasions. So this article proposes a way to add PDF to Word for you. From now on, we can convert PDF files for free and safely with minimal operations and consumption by utilizing the technologies of Microsoft, Google , and AbcdPDF platforms.


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