OnePlus Nord N20 aluminum dummy reveals design similar to Nord N10

An aluminum dummy of the OnePlus Nord N20 leaked online, and we can assume few features which OnePlus might provide in the next version of Nord N10.

After the news of OnePlus Nord 2 CE leaked online, few hours back and we have provided the details of it. Now, it seems like another visual leak has surfaced online about OnePlus Nord N20 smart phone, thanks to twitter.

The successor of OnePlus Nord N10 will arrive next year, but from the aluminum dummy pf the phone can help users draw several assumptions about the new OnePlus Nord N20.

Similar to Nord N10?

By the looks of the aluminum dummy, we can predict that OnePlus Nord N20 5G will come with a dual and vertical camera arrangement, which is very similar to Nord N10 and iPhone 12.

The OnePlus Nord N10, which was released in October, 2020 alongside Nord N100 for American and European consumer base. Now, from the leaks we can assume that the company will bring the next generation of the Nord N series very soon next year.

OnePlus Nord N20 aluminum dummy reveals design similar to Nord N10
OnePlus Nord N20 aluminum dummy leaked

OnePlus Nord N20 Leaked Specs

Apart from the vertical camera arrangement, the aluminum dummy shows that the company will remove C-type port for charging and the 3.5mm audio jack.

Even this feature seemed very similar to iPhone. Although, the location of selfie camera is still unknown from the dummy version.

OnePlus Nord N20 aluminum dummy
OnePlus Nord N20 aluminum dummy

The new edition will certainly see an upgrade from N10 version with better chipset processor, very possibly a Snapdragon 695. And from OnePlus Nord 2 CE leaks, we can also presume that instead of using Snapdragon, OnePlus can shift to Mediatek processors.

Concluding, we can predict that OnePlus will try to pull the iPhone audience with it’s new looks and features. And people who love Android will certainly lean towards OnePlus by providing the same visible features of an iPhone. 

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