Old Music You Should Listen To

It is a very well established fact that old music is far superior to music that we have today. Artists even today take inspiration from music that originates from the 70s and the 80s. These musicians are considered the pioneers and maestros of the music industry. One of the best things about living in current times is the fact that you can stream old music online on platforms such as Spotify and Deezer but most people these days use Spotify because of how easy to use it is and you can listen to songs with people in real-time. You can use internet services with  Xfinity, which can help you achieve a flawless music streaming at the best streaming quality. You can get it through Xfinity customer service and avail the best internet packages to do a lot more then music streaming. Here are some of the artists you should listen to if you are up to listening to old music.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins has some of the most iconic music. Some of his music has also been featured in famous movies such as Tarzan. These songs include Son of Man and You Will be in my Heart. Phil Collins also has some other famous songs such as Another Day in Paradise and In the Air Tonight. Phil Collins has been an inspiration for a lot of artists even today. In his family, Phil Collins is not the only one who is famous, he is succeeded by his daughter Lily Collins who plays Emily in “Emily in Paris”. Even today, people love music by Phil Collins as much as they did back then.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is also a name that people still recognize today. He remains to be one of the most iconic musicians of all time. His music has also been featured in iconic movies such as Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The most famous songs from the movie include Here I am and I Will Always Return. Other than that, other famous music by Bryan Adams includes Everything I Do (I Do it for You) and Summer of ’69. Everything I Do was also featured in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and even today people love that song just as much and still have an affiliation with it. Bryan Adams has also done a lot of charity work; he had a concert in Karachi to donate to the 2005 earthquake victims in Pakistan.

Richard Marx

Richard Marx also has some songs that are very soothing and that is exactly why people still love listening to him. One of his famous songs includes Right Here Waiting, which was released back in 1989 but even today since the song is very soothing, and remains to be one of the most famous songs, which features a beautifully played piano.


Abba was formed back in 1972 from Swedish origins and their music has been very influential. Some of their famous music includes Money, Money, Money, and Chiquitita. Songs by Abba have always been so amazing that their soundtrack was featured in the 2008 movie Mamma Mia! As of today people still love listening to Abba because of how amazing their songs are. Even today, after the release of Mamma Mia people still love to listen to Abba.

Boney M

Boney M is also amongst the very famous bands of all time. Even today use their music in videos such as Rasputin which is a very famous TikTok trend. Another very famous song by Boney M is Boonoonoonoos which, truly defines 70’s disco. Their songs are the kind of songs that would want to make you get up and dance because of them being very upbeat and lively. People still take inspiration from their music and listening to their songs even today makes listening to music a wonderful experience.

In Conclusion

If you are someone who loves listening to music then these artists should definitely be on your list. These artists truly define what music is and the kind of effect this type of music can have on you. If you feel like chilling sometime then you, should sit back and listen to these artists and bands.