NOBAone, the first 2-in-1 Electric Convertible Bike-Bicycle

NOBAone, the 2-in-1 Electric Convertible Bike-Bicycle
NOBAone, the 2-in-1 Electric Convertible Bike-Bicycle

One of a kind, NOBAone electric bicycle cum Motorcycle ready to take the market by storm with light weight frame, bigger battery setup and suspensions for off-road riding. 

The planet is facing a huge crisis of climate change. Hence, the leaders of powerful and impactful nations unanimously decided at a conference in Paris that the emission of gases harmful to climate will be cut down and have to bring back to ZERO.

And to support such decision, an era of electric vehicles has begun.

Maciej Nowak narrated the journey of his remarkable adventure. The talented and young entrepreneur had been working on his dream electric bicycle. But no existing model satisfied him immensely, hence he decided to build his own bike.

NOBAone is one of a kind e-cross convertible in Electric bicycle or motorcycle family.  

NOBAone, 2-in-1 Electric Convertible Bike-Bicycle

Maciej Nowak designed a cross bike cum bicycle which will run on electric power. And to ensure the convertibility of the bike, the manufacturers used light weight Aluminum frame to make it strong yet light.

The designers kept a huge space for heavy duty battery to provide the power for extreme adventurous run. Compared to other electric bikes, NOBAone can confidently compete with off-road bikes and bicycle.

NOBAone, the 2-in-1 Electric Convertible Bike-Bicycle
NOBAone, the 2-in-1 Electric Convertible Bike-Bicycle

NOBAone assures the selection of perfect engine, suspension types and broad tyres for the best experience. Tested several times, the model and chasis have been designed keeping the comfort and adventure of a rider in mind.

NOBAone Convertible Motorcycle Riding Experience

The test riders took the bike for thorough testing in rough and tough conditions. NOBAone has its engine in its rear side, which allows it to have more stability while riding up a hill.

Extended swingarm helps in smooth ride on sharp turns and also provide extra balance. The lack of gearbox makes the handling and operation easier, even for the 1st timers.

An electric bike with full of adrenaline, passion, adventure can confidently assure a maintenance free and failure free ride. No drivetrain and no countless fluid to worry about.

Practically a failure free, light weight convertible electric 2-in-1 bike & bicycle which is ready to make history.  

Availability NOBAone Electric Motorcycle / Bicycle

Kickstarter promotes products that are sustainable and compatible with the changing environment. The distribution of the finished products has not yet been planned because of the lack of knowledge about its popularity.

Kickstarter is currently inviting interested people to raise funds to back the project. through the link.

The estimated date of distribution is kept as September 2022, and NOBAone will deliver at anyplace in global scale.

NOBAone First Electric Convertible Motorcycle / Bicycle 2in1

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