Nike takeover RTFKT to make Virtual Sneakers for Metaverse

Nike, leading Footwear manufacturers acquire RTFKT who develop Virtual assets as NFTs for producing branded apparels and shoes for Metaverse.

Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and other technical giants have already started working for a complete virtual universe named Metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg has provided a glimpse of the future in his announcement of Meta and its vision for the future.

In Metaverse, users will be able to build avatars. The users will also have options to buy virtual assets for the avatar in form of NFTs.

Nike acquires RTFKT for making virtual shoes and other products

In a tweet on the social media, Nike Inc. has officially announced the takeover. Although the company has not revealed the monetary contracts for the acquisition.

Nike takeover RTFKT to make Virtual Sneakers for Metaverse
Nike takeover RTFKT to make Virtual Sneakers for Metaverse

RTFKT company specializes in creating virtual sneakers and collectibles while merging realities in fashion and gaming. The company was founded last year by Benoit Pagotto, Chris Le, and Steven Vasilev which leverages in latest gaming engine, NFTs and blockchain to create virtual products for better experience online. 

Since then, RTFKT has collaborated with various artists to sell various digital avatars, virtual sneakers and their real counterparts.

What does Nike Inc. say about it

Nike CEO John Donahoe said that the acquisition has certainly become a massive step in the virtual journey up ahead. The digital transformation will make Nike even better among the athletes and creators at the intersection of sports and creativity.

Nike also shows signs of their future acquisition of talents and visions, which will help the company to grow even bigger.

The acquisition of RTFKT by Nike Inc. has certainly been an interesting step from the company. Metaverse will start to gather even more creative ideas to make itself more accessible and more exciting, where people can relate reality and virtuality.

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