Ned Declassified Pregnant: From Middle School Adventures to Parenthood?

ned declassified pregnant

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, the iconic Nickelodeon series that shaped the adolescence of many, has resurfaced on social media in an unexpected way. A recent Instagram post by Devon Werkheiser, the actor behind the lovable Ned Bigby, sent fans into a frenzy, sparking rumors of a pregnancy. However, as the truth unfolds, it turns out the image was not a revelation but a cleverly crafted prank that hints at an exciting new chapter in the lives of Ned and Moze.

The Speculation-Inducing Image: Is she Pregnant?

ned declassified pregnant
UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 12: Lindsey Shaw attends the opening night of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights held at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 12, 2019 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images)

On January 29, 2024, Werkheiser shared a photo on his Instagram story featuring him and Lindsey Shaw, who portrayed Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, with Werkheiser’s hand resting on Shaw’s belly. The caption, “Little Ned 2024,” led fans to believe that the two former co-stars were expecting a child. Speculation ran rampant, with some enthusiasts even considering the possibility of a revival or spin-off chronicling the adventures of Ned and his friends in middle school.

The Jest Unveiled

Contrary to fans’ expectations, the photo was not an announcement of a pregnancy but a well-executed prank. Werkheiser and Shaw, through their podcast ‘Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide,’ revealed that the intention was to generate excitement for their upcoming project. The duo clarified that they remain good friends but are not romantically involved, putting to rest any speculations about a rekindled romance.

The Teaser and Its Revelation

ned declassified pregnant

The elaborate prank served as a teaser for the spin-off titled ‘Little Ned.’ The series will explore the adult lives of Ned and Moze, now married with a daughter named Little Ned. Paramount+ is slated to premiere the show in late 2024, comprising 10 episodes that promise to reintroduce familiar faces from middle school, along with new characters and challenges.

Werkheiser and Shaw, not just as actors but also as executive producers and writers for the show, expressed their enthusiasm for the project. They aim to create a series that resonates with both original fans and a new generation, delving into themes of adulthood, parenthood, and nostalgia. The spin-off promises to be a nostalgic yet fresh take on the beloved characters.

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In the world of entertainment, surprises are often the key to capturing the audience’s attention, and Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw certainly succeeded in doing so with their playful pregnancy prank. ‘Ned’s Declassified Pregnant’ may not have been a genuine revelation, but it served its purpose as a clever marketing strategy, paving the way for the highly anticipated spin-off, ‘Little Ned.’ As fans eagerly await the premiere on Paramount+ in late 2024, the legacy of Ned and his friends continues to thrive in this new and exciting chapter of their lives.