Microsoft redesigns photos app

According to the latest news, Microsoft has started testing a new photos app for Windows 11. Just like many other parts of Windows, the photos app has been redesigned to match the new operating system.

The biggest addition is a new filmstrip at the bottom of the photo viewer that shows small thumbnails of all the photos in a particular folder, collection, or album and makes it easier to jump between them or select multiple photos. Multi-view is one of the best addition. With it, you can compare a couple of photos in a single window.

Microsoft redesigns photos app
Microsoft redesigns photos app

In windows 10, the Photos app didn’t include a particularly cluttered UI. Note that in Windows 11, you will also be able to dismiss the new filmstrip or photo editing toolbars by clicking on photos, and swiping between images without any distracting UI elements.

The updated photo editing toolbar includes has a few interesting additions too like quick access to third party photo editors through extensions with apps like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShip Pro, and Affinity Photo.

However, Microsoft is yet to fix the video trimming tool in Windows 11. In short, if you have a video shot at 60 fps, it will still switch to 30 fps while editing with the trim tool in the new Windows 11 photos app.

As of now, the photo app is still in beta, so Microsoft might introduce a couple of additional fixes in the stable version. Moreover, it would take time to be fully available in Windows 11. If you are a Windows 11 tester on the Dev Channel and you are interested in trying this app then you can do so.

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