Microsoft is not letting unsupported PCs test Windows 11

Microsoft is not letting unsupported PCs test Windows 11
Microsoft is not letting unsupported PCs test Windows 11

According to the latest news, Microsoft is dropping ineligible PCs for Windows 11 upgrade from its Windows Insider testing program. This means if you were helping Microsoft test Windows 11 on a machine that doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements, you will see a message in Windows Update warning that you will need to reinstall Windows 10.

The following warning will be displayed: “Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. Your device is not eligible to join the Windows Insider Program on Windows 11. Please install Windows 10 to participate in the Windows Insider Program in the Release Preview Channel.”

This week, Windows 11 testers in both the Dev and Beta channels have started receiving the message on incompatible PCs. Note that it is something that Microsoft warned testers at the beginning of the beta period of Windows 11.

Microsoft recommends Windows 11 testers not meeting the hardware minimums to install Windows 10. Many Windows 11 testers will be left confused why their PC is not officially supported.

Microsoft has tried to justify this minimum hardware requirements mess by pointing it as a push for security and reliability but on its way, it is leaving some PCs sold just a few years ago from being able to upgrade. With Windows 11, the baseline of security will be aligned to the CPU.

Windows 11 will be out on 5th October and Microsoft will continue to release new Dev builds of the OS to testers. Features like android app integration will not come at launch but Windows Insider testers will get access to it in the coming months.

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