Microsoft is going to launch Windows 11 on 5th October

Microsoft is going to launch Windows 11 on 5th October
Microsoft is going to launch Windows 11 on 5th October

Microsoft has announced that it will release Windows 11 on 5th October 5th. It will be available as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new hardware that ships with Windows 11. However, the update will cover different devices in different phases like any other Windows update. New eligible devices will be offered the upgrade first. After that, the update will reach more in-market devices.

 Aaron Woodman, general manager of Windows marketing at Microsoft said “Following the tremendous learnings from Windows 10, we want to make sure we’re providing you with the best possible experience. We expect all eligible devices to be offered the free upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022.”

When a user exists Windows 10 PCs, he will be notified by Windows Update that when the upgrade is available for Windows 11. In order to check whether your device is eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade through Windows Update or not, you have to use Microsoft’s dedicated PC Health Check app.

Note that at launch, all the announced features won’t be available. Through a partnership with firms like amazon and Intel, Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows 11. A preview of Android apps on Windows 11 will be there for Windows Insiders. It seems it will cross the deadline of 2022 for introducing all the features.

Last week, Microsoft clarified its minimum system requirements for Windows 11 and clarified a workaround for users who don’t have the requirements. The announcement mentioned, Windows 11 can be installed on any hardware through ISO as long as the PC has a 64 bit 1 GHz processor with two or more cores, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a TPM 1.2 chip. On the other hand, if you use the workaround, your PC will be in an unsupported state which means an unsupported Windows 11 PC might not get access to all Windows Update and security patches.

Note that Microsoft will be supporting Windows 10 until 14th October 2025. As of now, it is not clear how many major updates Microsoft will release for Windows 10 over the next four years. This year, in the second half, a Windows 10 update is expected.

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