Malta’s Residency Programme Starts at €58,000 – Here’s how To Get In

Malta's Residency Programme Starts at €58,000 - Here's how To Get In

The residency program in Malta is highly accessible if you tick all the right boxes. There are a few rules and regulations to follow and criteria to meet, but if you know where to start and have the funds, it is a great option to uncover. This guide is here to explain how to move through the process and why it is a good path to explore overall. 

How to Become a Maltese Resident

Malta's Residency Programme Starts at €58,000 - Here's how To Get In

If you are looking to get permanent residency in Malta, there are a few places you can start. 

The Preliminary Steps

Before you get into the fine print, there are a few stipulations you have to match up with. 

  1. You will need a sustainable income. It is required for all foreign residents coming to live in Malta that they are not dependent on the state for funding daily life. 
  2. A significant amount of financial assets to prove viability. 
  3. Reliable and viable health insurance that is valid in Malta. 

The Ways In

Malta's Residency Programme Starts at €58,000 - Here's how To Get In

Once you have secured all these stages, there are a few ways that you can go about it. Usually, you have to meet a selection of the following. 

Buying Property

Whether you want to live in it or rent it out, owning property is a must. There are various conditions within this clause that differ between the purposes of the property in question. If you buy a property to live in or rent out, for example, it cannot be valued at any less than 350,000 euros. The rental side of things has to match at least 12,000 euros over the course of a year. 

Making a Donation to the Government

Alongside making a property investment, the government also suggests or enforces a donation directly to them. This shows that you are willing to support Malta’s infrastructure and society and that you have a true interest in being a part of this scene. There is a singular fee if you are moving alone, and this is added to if you wish to move other family members over as well. 

Making a Donation Elsewhere

An external donation is also encouraged and expected. This cannot be any random business, as it must be registered and on the official list. It complements the other donation and property investment and shows you have a clear interest in the country and your journey to residency. 

The Additional Administrative Fee to Pay

After all of this, there will be general administration fees to pay as well. This covers the whole cost of the application and all the processes that come afterward. This currently stands at EUR40,0000. This is split into two parts with 10K being owed when you submit the initial application form and then if it is approved, the 30K balance is due. 

The Appeal of Living in Malta

There are plenty of reasons why people would want to move to and live in Malta on a permanent basis. Everything from the travel links to the climate is extremely appealing, and the Maltese way of life is something undeniably special and unique. It is good to explore what Malta has to offer before taking the leap and starting the process to become a resident. 

Minimal Crime Levels

Malta is known to be a safe country thanks to the zero-tolerance policy on drugs and the generally low crime rate. In fact, drug misuse carries one of the harshest penalties and that encourages lower crime rates overall. The strong and constant presence of police officers is highly reassuring, and they are always close by should an incident occur. When you combine these factors, Malta quickly becomes one of the safer countries comparatively on the global scale. No place is exempt from crime entirely, of course.  

The Scenery

The Maltese scenery is one of the biggest appeals. There are memorable beaches with golden sand and meditation worthy seafronts. For anyone wanting to be close to nature and the ocean, there are some of the most compelling landscapes. 

Climate Benefits

Malta is renowned for its good weather during most of the year. Rain will feature here and there, with a recorded peak typically occurring throughout December. However, the country enjoys warmth for the most part. 

The Sights and the Sounds

When it comes to culture, this country is rich with history and things to offer. There are museums, galleries, fantastic history spots all over and a whole island filled with hubs of activity. There is tranquillity here too, and you will never be short of a relaxing place to sit and think if that is what you need. 

Malta’s residency programme is a viable option for anyone wanting a beautiful place to live with lots to offer. There are various routes, and it is all worth exploring. As long as you have the means and capacity to support yourself when you get there, and the ability to buy into the residency scheme, there are minimal barriers to moving ahead. There is lots to discover in a safe arena, plenty to explore, and a highly attractive climate to tie it all together.