Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Projector with 22,500mAh battery launched

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Projector with 22,500mAh battery launched
Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Projector with 22,500mAh battery launched

Lenovo has now launched their latest edition in their Projector range in China. YOGA T500 Play projector has taken the market with storm as it has gigantic 22,500 mAh battery which allows a 5 hours runtime.

The company has successfully launched YOGA T500 in September 2021. Their new flagship product in the midrange segment had delivered high-definition pictures with ultra-high brightness on 600-700 ANSI Lumens.

Now, Lenovo has relaunched the Play variant of their Smart Projector YOGA T500 recently with same compact design and an enormous battery life with 5 hours run-time.

In their product history, Lenovo experimented with including projector in Tablets like YOGA Tablet 2 Pro and ThinkPad X1. But now, the company has focused onto their compact Projectors solely to be used for entertainment purposes.

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Features

The Hong-Kong based company has designed a compact and attractive projector with build in dual 10 Watts full range speakers along with dual passive radiators which can produce clear mids and highs clarity with powerful bass.

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play also focused on to include a dedicated focus lens which can automatically adjust the best possible viewing aspects using it’s Automatic Vertical & 4 Point Horizontal correction feature.

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Projector

It uses a 1:2:1 projection ratio for a range of 0.8 meters to 8 meters with a projection aspect of 16:9.

It can present 1080p resolution pictures and also compatible with 4K projections. Lenovo YOGA T500 Play also has HDR10+, EEP image quality engine and HLG Dual high dynamic decoder for clear and noiseless projection and enhancing contrasts.

Internal Specifications of TOGA T500 Play

Lenovo has equipped YOGA T500 Play with Quad-Core T972-H Processor for smooth running experience. It also comes with 2GB DDR Random Access memory and 16GB eMMC flash memory.

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play Projector

The battery has certainly become a game changer as they have included 22500mAh Lithium-ion battery which can play for around 5 hours comfortably.

The product will have a price range of $423 to $470. And that provides a mid-range theatre like experience at home, all thanks to Lenovo.

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