Is Chrissy Teigen Pregnant Again? The Truth Is Revealed!

is Chrissy Teigen pregnant

Christine Diane Teigen is an American model and television host. In 2014, she appeared alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge on the 50th-anniversary cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Is Chrissy Teigen Pregnant?

The woman is not pregnant as of March 2023. She gave birth to a tiny queen in January 2023. Teigen shared a series of baby bump mirror images on Instagram to announce her pregnancy in early August 2022.

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How Did John Legend, Meet Chrissy Teigen?

When Teigen met Legend in 2006 on the set of Legend’s steamy “Stereo” music video, it was not a genuine love connection, but there was an instant appeal. Please do not search YouTube for it! In 2014, Teigen begged Cosmopolitan magazine. “I was performing this false model-like dance with the most lifeless eyes you have ever seen on a human being.”

As soon as the video ended, they began dating. Teigen later said in an interview, “We were together for almost 12 hours while filming the song video.” “We spent the entire day together, I in my underpants and he is a complete suit, and I went to his hotel to say goodbye, but we never said goodbye that night.”

is Chrissy Teigen pregnant

Nevertheless, before meeting Teigen, Legend had a history of unstable relationships. He told Dax Shepard in 2020 that he never legally cheated because he never clearly defined his relationships. Still, he added, “I was absolutely dishonest and self-centered… this was before I became famous.”

As for Teigen, she said in a 2019 tweet that she rarely dated before her marriage; instead, she lived with others. “Such as, ‘Hey, I reside here now'” “She clarified “That is how John found himself in this circumstance.

Then how did the couple end up heading down the aisle? “I am the type of person who must mature into that emotion,” he stated. It was likely a couple of years into our relationship before I could envision us together forever. She played it cool and gave him a chance to fall in love after their first night together. She stated, “I pretended I didn’t care, but I was alone.”

As for Legend? In 2016, he said, “I quickly fell in love with her because she is so engaging, clever, and humorous.” “That’s when I began to realize that he was someone I wanted to spend a lot of time with.

The couple’s eventual meeting was successful. Except for when Legend attempted to break up with her. 30 minutes in duration In 2017, Teigen tweeted: “That wasn’t a conventional split.” “He was on tour, his voice hurt, and he was whining about everything, so I was like ‘no’ to everything.”

Legend ultimately learned, “You are happy when you are faithful and in love with one individual. At a certain point, I simply determined that someone was Chrissy. I determined that I would never longer interfere with others.”

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When Did John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Get Married?

is Chrissy Teigen pregnant

Following a four-year courtship, the couple wed in Lake Como, Italy, in 2013. The music video for “All of Me” by John Legend, a song he wrote for his wife, contained footage from their wedding. The video was published only weeks following their wedding.

Teigen, who referred to herself as the “full anti-bride,” was more than willing to let a wedding planner handle most of the event’s details due to her anxiety. According to a friend, she even purchased five dresses because she felt bad about only trying on outfits.

She assured everyone, “They went to wonderful homes” The ceremony was then delayed almost four hours on the day of the wedding due to airplane delays among family members. Everyone wanted to keep it a secret, so I was completely unaware of it. They wanted to avoid causing me tension. In 2017, Teigen stated, “Whatever it was, it was a lot.”

It worked out well in the end. Teigen wore three masterpieces by Vera Wang: a ballgown for her wedding vows, a mermaid-shaped gown for dinner, and a red trumpet gown for the reception and dancing. The pair were surrounded by family and friends, including model Brooklyn Decker, Quincy Jones, Kanye West (but not Kim Kardashian), and Stevie Wonder, who performed “Ribbons in the Sky.” Biz Markie donned his DJ hat for the evening and spun music.

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