Intel’s Secret Gaming Device Revealed: The MSI Claw

Intel's Secret Gaming Device Revealed: The MSI Claw

The debut of the MSI Claw, a revolutionary portable gaming device, has revitalised the gaming landscape. This launch signifies Intel’s bold move into the portable gaming arena, challenging common AMD-based devices such as the popular Steam Deck and ROG Ally, as well as unique offerings from specialist brands such as Iono.

MSI Claw is the first device in its category to utilise the power of Intel’s innovative Meteor Lake chips. This significant technological leap makes the MSI Claw not just a new entrant, but a potential player in the portable gaming market. Apart from the usual video games, you can also try out games at UK crypto casinos which are also freely accessible from these handheld devices and smartphones.

Intel's Secret Gaming Device Revealed: The MSI Claw

Design and Ergonomics

Upon initial observation, one might draw parallels between the MSI Claw and the black ROG Ally in terms of their external looks. Yet, a closer inspection reveals that the MSI Claw transcends mere aesthetic similarities, offering a distinct and superior user experience. The design of the MSI Claw is thoughtfully crafted, featuring a flatter and more streamlined profile than many of its contemporaries.

This flatness is complemented by an angular bottom, bearing a resemblance to the ROG Ally. The real distinction, however, lies in its ergonomic design. The MSI Claw introduces a more pronounced, ergonomic hump at the back.

This clever design tweak bridges the gap between traditionally flat handheld designs and those with more pronounced grips, like the Steam Deck. This unique blend of design elements not only enhances the visual appeal of the MSI Claw but also significantly improves its handling and comfort, making it an ideal companion for prolonged gaming sessions.

Key Design Features:

  • Flat Profile: Offers a sleek and modern look.
  • Ergonomic Hump: Enhances grip comfort, making extended gaming sessions more enjoyable.
  • Compact Size: Despite its powerful hardware, the MSI Claw is compact and portable.
  • Weight: Slightly heavier than the ROG Ally, but its ergonomic design compensates for this.

Hardware and Performance

The MSI Claw’s performance is driven by the powerful Intel Core Ultra 7 chip, a testament to Intel’s commitment to high performance in compact devices. Although the device used in testing is pre-production hardware, it gives a glimpse into the potential of the final product. 

The external design of the MSI Claw is almost finalized, but Intel and MSI may still fine-tune the internal performance characteristics before the official launch, indicating a commitment to delivering an optimized gaming experience.

Power Profiles:

  • Super Battery Mode: This mode is designed for maximum battery conservation, drawing 50 watts of power. It’s ideal for situations where prolonged battery life is crucial.
  • Balanced Mode: Consuming 30 watts, this mode offers a balance between performance and power efficiency, suitable for regular gaming sessions.
  • Extreme Performance: For gamers seeking the utmost in power, the Extreme Performance mode allows the device to consume up to 45 watts, unlocking the full potential of the hardware.

In comparison to devices like the ROG Ally, the MSI Claw demonstrates a higher power threshold, allowing for superior performance capabilities. However, it also has a slightly higher base power requirement for less demanding gaming tasks, an aspect that gamers might consider based on their specific needs.

Cooling System:

The cooling system of the MSI Claw is robust, featuring two fans and two heat pipes. This setup ensures efficient heat dissipation, allowing the device to maintain optimal performance even under heavy use. A unique addition is the ‘Cooler Boost’ feature, often found in MSI’s laptop range.

This feature cranks up the fans to maximum speed, potentially unlocking enhanced performance capabilities. While the necessity of this feature in everyday use remains to be seen, its inclusion suggests that the MSI Claw is prepared to handle intense gaming scenarios without compromising performance due to thermal constraints.

Intel's Secret Gaming Device Revealed: The MSI Claw

Screen and Controls

The MSI Claw is equipped with a striking 7-inch screen, boasting a high 120Hz refresh rate, which is on par with the ROG Ally’s acclaimed display. This high refresh rate is crucial for delivering smooth and responsive visuals, a key factor for an immersive gaming experience. The screen’s size and clarity ensure that games are displayed with vibrant colours and sharp details, making it a delight for gamers.

Unique Features:

  • Illuminated Buttons: The ABXY buttons feature subtle backlighting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.
  • Variable Refresh Rate: Ensures smoother gameplay.

Battery Life

The MSI Claw sets a new standard in handheld gaming devices with its impressive 53Wh battery, significantly outstripping the ROG Ally’s 40Wh capacity. MSI’s claim of a 50% increase in battery life over its AMD-powered rival is a significant declaration, suggesting that gamers can enjoy longer play sessions without the need for frequent recharging.

This enhanced battery life is particularly important for a handheld device, as it increases its portability and convenience for on-the-go gaming. However, this claim is yet to be verified through comprehensive testing, which will be crucial in understanding the real-world implications of this improved battery performance.


As a new entrant in the competitive handheld gaming market, the MSI Claw presents itself as a formidable opponent to the existing AMD-dominated landscape. Its combination of a unique design, a high-performance Intel chip, and user-centric ergonomics positions it as an enticing option for gamers.

While the device still awaits thorough testing to substantiate its performance and efficiency claims, its initial specifications and features indicate that the MSI Claw has the potential to redefine the standards of handheld gaming. Its blend of power, design, and innovation makes it a device worth watching in the evolving gaming industry.


What is the MSI Claw?

The MSI Claw is a revolutionary handheld gaming device, marking Intel’s foray into the handheld gaming market. It stands out for being the first device to use Intel’s Meteor Lake chips, challenging the dominance of AMD-powered handhelds like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

How does the design of the MSI Claw differ from other handheld devices?

The MSI Claw features a unique design that includes a flat, sleek profile with an angular bottom, reminiscent of the ROG Ally. Its distinct feature is the ergonomic hump at the back, which provides a comfortable grip and bridges the gap between flat handheld designs and those with more substantial grips.

What kind of chip powers the MSI Claw?

The MSI Claw is powered by the Intel Core Ultra 7 chip. This choice reflects Intel’s commitment to delivering high performance in a compact handheld device.

How does the MSI Claw’s cooling system work?

The cooling system in the MSI Claw includes two fans and two heat pipes for efficient cooling. It also features a ‘Cooler Boost’ option that maximizes fan speed for enhanced performance, a feature commonly found in MSI laptops.

How does the battery life of the MSI Claw compare to its competitors?

The MSI Claw has a 53Wh battery, which is significantly larger than the 40Wh battery in devices like the ROG Ally. MSI claims a 50% increase in battery life over its AMD-powered competitors, a claim that is yet to be thoroughly tested.

How does the MSI Claw stand out in the handheld gaming market?

The MSI Claw distinguishes itself with its unique design, high-performance Intel chip, and user-focused ergonomics. While it still awaits detailed testing for performance and efficiency, its initial specifications suggest it could significantly impact the standards of handheld gaming.

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