How to Turn Your TV Into a Virtual Fireplace with Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, Youtube

There’s nothing like a cozy fireplace to celebrate the holidays! Despite not having a fireplace at home, here are a few ideas to display a fake fireplace on your television.

During the Christmas season, what do you do if you do not have a fireplace where you can enjoy a roaring fire? The following steps will show you how to use a Chromecast (or connected TV) to display a beautiful virtual fireplace. 

Virtual Fireplace on Netflix, Prime and Disney +

If you have Netflix , there are several different fireplaces to choose from. Easy to find, these are the first results if you search for “Fireplace”.

Here are our two recommendations:

Netflix’s The Witcher series isn’t all about epic battles and intricate plots. It is possible to simulate a crackling fire whose flames have warmed many minds in the great hall of Kaer Morhen using this 59-minute program.

The Witcher fireplace // Source: Netflix
The Witcher fireplace // Source: Netflix

You will be able to vary the pleasures you can experience in the house by choosing a version of the fireplace you like. The Birch wood version: a 1 hour 4K UHD version with crackling noises. But do not spit on the others, the evening will be long while waiting for Santa Claus.

If you prefer the 2020 version or the 2021 version of the Frozen fireplace on Disney+, we cannot recommend it enough with La Yule log du Château d’Arendelle. Regardless, you’re in for 3 hours of virtual fireplace.

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, the service also offers its own program.

Chimney Fires on Youtube

YouTube offers a wide variety of videos. There are classic fire videos in 4K UHD, but also original versions like the one where Captain America is invited into his apartment.

We recommend the special Minecraft version if you prefer a more video game-like atmosphere.

The famous Doctor Who is also in the spotlight with a fireplace proposed by the BBC.

Sound Of Fire On Spotify, Apple Music And Deezer

Streaming music services also offer playlists that allow you to listen to the soft sounds of a fireplace crackling, if screens are not your thing.

Here are our recommendations by department:

  • Spotify: Holiday Yule Log: The Christmas Fireplace (Link)
  • Apple Music: 60-Minute Endless Loop of Festive Holiday Fireplace (Link)
  • Deezer: Just Fire: 2 Hours of Sounds from the Natural World (Link)

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