How to Travel With a Bong: Tips, Tricks, Best Travel Bongs

How to Travel With a Bong: Tips, Tricks, Best Travel Bongs

You may smoke your dried herbs in a variety of ways while traveling. With some forethought, enjoying cannabis while on the road (or at your destination) may create some fantastic memories!

It’s not that traveling with a bong is restricted in and of itself. However, like with many cannabis-related matters, it’s not as simple as it may seem at first glance. If you’re traveling from one place to another, the key is knowing the laws regarding cannabis. 

This is because not all of them allow the use of weed products, so a device like bongs can allude to just that. On the other hand, depending on the type of bong you’re carrying, you might need some special precautions to keep it safe. 

So, how to travel with a bong? Follow the recommendations in this article on how to travel with a bong. We give you some tips and tricks, as well as the best bongs you can use on your travels! 

Avoiding the Hassle

If you’re going for a longer trip, why not consider purchasing the device at your location instead of traveling with it? You can easily find a trusted online headshop with free shipping for all USA orders and a short delivery time. You can order a low-cost bong and have it available when you get to your location.

In order the determine the legality of your bong in the eyes of federal and sometimes state legislation, the authorities must be unable to show that it was used to smoke marijuana. You may fail the law enforcement bong test for the following reasons:

  1. You are caught having cannabis on you. It may be in your car or your possession. Obviously, in this situation, the authorities will conclude that the bong is for smoking cannabis.
  2. Weed or bong water odor. Marijuana odor in some states is a valid probable cause for a police search. The odor directly shows that you have used a bong or other means to consume cannabis, hence implying the possession of cannabis. Because bong water is unpleasant, the scent is an added worry. 
  3. Resin. Even the smallest quantity of wax remaining in a completely clean bong might be a reason for a search and arrest. Suppose your bong is less shiny than it was in the box. In that case, there’s a basis for concern. 

Driving With a Bong

Here are some nifty tips that will help you protect yourself from any hassles with law enforcement while traveling with a bong in your car:

  • Don’t consume cannabis in your car, even if you’re not driving. The cannabis smell can be potent and linger inside the vehicle.
  • Avoid traveling with a dirty bong. Any resin might give an officer probable cause to arrest you in states where cannabis use is prohibited.
  • Put the bong in an odor-proof case and store it in your trunk. If you are detained or searched, keeping the bong secured in the trunk proves that you were not using it while driving. However, keep in mind that law enforcement officials do not have the authority to search your automobile for no reason.

Flying With a Bong

Having any amount or kind of marijuana in your possession remains a federal felony. However, states are left to regulate the matter on their own. Yet, this creates a problem when it comes to flying from one location to another, especially to a place where cannabis, in general, is prohibited. 

Regarding bongs, traveling with one is not a crime on its own. However, as we said before, you need to make sure that it can’t be proven that you’re using it for cannabis intake because this will result in you being questioned and searched. The best thing to do would be to avoid bringing your smoking accessories on an airplane.

The same advice applies to foreign travel. Not only will you have to pass TSA screening in the States, but you will also have to pass customs examination at your destination and once again upon returning home. Depending on where you travel, the penalty may be substantial, including a lengthy prison time.

Note that these rules can apply if you purchased a bong while traveling overseas and are returning to the States. US Customs authorities are known for labeling and seizing legitimate cigarette devices and narcotics paraphernalia. You may undoubtedly appeal the ruling, but the process takes time and, ultimately, hinders you from enjoying a good smoking experience.

Tips on How to Travel With a Bong

Now that you know what could happen, here are some tips and tricks to help you travel with your bong.

Clean Your Bong Before Traveling

The easiest method to keep your bong clean is to always give it a good scrub after every use. This way, you don’t just prolong the life of the device, but you make sure that no bacteria or germs are sticking to it. 

When it comes to cleaning bongs, if your water pipe is straight, it will be reasonably easy to clean it. The more intricate the bong or glass piece, the more difficult it will be to keep it clean. So ensure to wash it properly, and buy some equipment if necessary. 

Avoid packing your bong before drying it properly. Use a towel, and air dry the bong before you pack it.

Packing Your Bong for Travel

As we already mentioned, there are some crucial factors you need to consider when packing a bong for travel. Here are some:

  1. Remove the odor. As mentioned above, always ensure that your bong is sparkling clean and has no cannabis residue on it.
  2. Discreet packaging. Make sure to pack your bong in a discreet case or a box. It’s always advised to store your bong in a simple-looking case so it doesn’t attract any unwanted attention.
  3. Protection. If your bong is made of glass, pick a case that will protect the water pipe from breaking. If your bong is made out of silicon, a simple bag might do the trick.

Purchase a Travel Bong

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. So naturally, there are various options you can choose from that would make the perfect travel bong.

Needless to say, avoid choosing a complete glass bong, as this one would easily break in your suitcase. You can go for a silicon-made bong or one that is a combination between silicon and glass – naturally, with less glass in it. 

One good option is the NEU Silicone Water Pipe 15′′. With this long-lasting water pipe, you will never have to worry about damage because of its low-cost silicone substance. However, you will need to look out for the small glass parts and make sure that they don’t brake. 

You can also look online for some mini bongs that would be perfect for small luggage. These are usually entirely made of silicone, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them; simply fold them and place them in your bag.


Although not simple, traveling with a bong is entirely possible. The key is knowing if the country or state you plan on visiting allows cannabis usage or not. As long as you make sure that your bong is clean and neatly packed, there shouldn’t be any worry.