How to Promote a YouTube Channel from Scratch

How to Promote a YouTube Channel from Scratch

YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world right now. Many people today make money on this platform by posting content. It is quite difficult to develop a channel if you have just created it, and therefore many beginners face the problem of lack of motivation and opportunity to become famous. Today we will talk about how you can achieve success from scratch.

Set Yourself a Goal

The most important thing at the initial stage of work is the correct setting of goals and objectives. You cannot be successful unless you know what success is. We recommend that you do this work in writing and write down everything you want to achieve from channel management.

Before you engage in direct promotion and use various effective promotion methods, for example to buy YouTube subscribers, you need to decide what you will make a video about, for whom and for what purpose. After such an analysis and recording of the main points, it will be easier for you to understand what your potential target audience is and how you plan to interest it.

Try to carefully analyze the competitors in your niche and pay attention to what tools they use and how effective it is. Look at their statistics and find out what mistakes you should not make and what actions work well for the audience.

Think about what content you will be creating

When you have figured out who you are working for, you need to decide what exactly you will do for your viewers. Always remember that there are hundreds and thousands of creators on the platform who publish content daily, and in order for you to become famous you need to do something unique and catchy.

Of course, at first you will often have to make references to popular bloggers or brands, shoot challenges and something similar to others, because this way you can get views even at the beginning of your career. However, try to come up with something of your own from the first days so that the audience sees your uniqueness.

If you shoot really interesting videos, then it will be very easy for you to gain an audience. You just need to buy real YouTube subscribers on specialized websites and wait for positive feedback from these new viewers. They will stay with you and interact with your content if you interest them.

Don’t hide from your audience

Creators who hide from their audience cause the least level of trust. As a rule, these are profiles with pictures and without feedback. Such an account does not look alive because users do not see which person is running it and cannot talk to him.

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, you need to show your face on your profile and communicate with your audience. In the case of a business, most likely the social networks will be run by an anonymous SMM specialist, but the owner of the company or director can be used as the face of the company.

Be sure to keep in touch with users in the comments and direct. This will allow your audience to understand that they are viewing the content of a live person who answers all their questions and communicates in a friendly way.

Learn statistics

The mistake of many creators is that they publish a lot of content without studying the statistics of each video and the account as a whole. This is very important because this way you will see which content causes a positive reaction from the audience and which negative.

You need to watch how users react to each of your publications and keep track of which videos brought you the greatest increase or outflow of the audience. Many bloggers don’t want to spend time looking at boring statistics, but in fact, you will spend more time if you work in vain and lose your viewers.

Also, do not forget to look at the accounts of your colleagues and competitors to see what mistakes they make and try to avoid them. It is much easier to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own, so take the time to analyze the activities of other creators.

In addition, you can read articles about what is popular at the moment and what causes more emotions in the audience. This will allow you to make relevant content and be in demand as a creator.


YouTube is a platform that has been allowing various creators to publish their own content and earn money for many years. Of course, due to the high competition, it is difficult for beginners to succeed, but you have such a chance and can use it if you correctly build a promotion strategy. We wish you success in your work!

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