How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram: The Most Effective Tips

How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram: The Most Effective Tips

Do you have unique business ideas that you intend to publicize through a digital media platform? Have you ever thought of creating an outstanding personal brand on Instagram? Have you struggled to imagine how your brand will stand out from the rest? Have you thought of how you would employ instagram as a tool for social media campaigns for your brand? You are not alone.

Most businesses are increasingly relying on Instagram for social media marketing of their brand. The current trends indicate that more and more businesses will continue using Instagram to achieve their brand growth objectives. How would such an increase impact your brand? The answer is simple. You will need to create and maintain a recognizable brand that would appeal to your target consumer and stay ahead of the companies you compete with.

It will be vital for you to distinguish between marketing and branding if you are new to Instagram. Ideally, marketing focuses on creating leads to new customers while branding is the secret that makes customers loyal to your products and services.

That being the case, both marketing and branding through Instagram are essential for the success of a brand depending on your business stage. If you are new to the social media platform, it would be advisable to put more effort into your marketing campaigns to gain public attention. Once more people get to know you and your brand, you should then focus your effort on branding.

Instagram branding has numerous benefits. First, people will have more trust in your products and services. Secondly, the customer will have a higher perceived value of your products and services. Thirdly, you will stand out among your competitors, making your brand more profitable.

How to build your personal brand on Instagram: The most effective tips

Four Effective Tips for Building an Outstanding Brand on Instagram

  1. Have a Better Understanding of Your Target Consumers

The first and the most central step in building a successful Instagram brand is getting to understand your target customers. You are interested in reaching out to specific customers and it is therefore important to craft a brand that will attract them. Creating a brand that attracts your ideal consumers will help you avoid unnecessary traffic and spammers. Although it is not something easy, you should focus on attracting the desired audience by getting to know them better.

You may use the available tools such as Instagram statistics to gain more insights into your target consumers. For instance, you will have a deeper understanding of your customer’s demographics and other issues such as tastes and preferences. The insights will guide you in creating a more appealing Instagram brand that attracts your ideal consumers.

  1. Let Your Brand Provide Solutions to Your Customers

You should ensure that your brand solves consumer problems. To ensure that your Instagram brand is successful, ensure that customers can learn something from it. Your guiding question as you pursue establishing a successful brand should be “How am I going to contribute towards a positive change in the life of your customers? Your brand should communicate your intentions to help the consumers and community solve a problem. By successfully telling people and helping them understand how you will help them get something done, they will trust and become loyal to your brand.

  1. Focus on Creating a Recognizable Instagram Brand that Stands out From the Rest

The third step you should take is creating a unique brand theme. This is an important step for you because it will distinguish you from your competitors. You should be keen on creating your profile to ensure that you include articulate and appealing information for your customers and community. If you fail in creating your Instagram profile, you may lose a substantial number of the target consumers, despite conducting a strong marketing campaign, which may affect your competitive advantage.

  1. Creating a Personal Brand Identity that Will Last for The Long Term

Lastly, you should create a personal brand identity that will last for the long term. Although the profile plays an essential role in attracting and retaining consumers, you should plan on creating a brand identity that lingers in the minds of your clients for a long time.

It will allow you to enjoy an unrivaled competitive advantage as you stand apart from your competitors. How will I achieve building a lasting Personal Brand Identity on Instagram? Here are the six elements of personal brand identity as identified by reputable brand experts.

  • Physique: it entails the external qualities that are associated with your brand. For instance, your logo or fonts. Ensure your physique allows your brand to stand out from the rest.
  • Personality: Personality entails the internal aspects of the brand. You should be articulate about the human values associated with your brand.
  • Culture: It is vital that include the values, beliefs, and principles that are attributable to your brand. Customers should have an understanding of what your brand stands for.
  • Relationship with the customer: You should also ensure that you define the type of customer relationship that you intend to pursue. Is it customer-friendly? Or is it client-focused?
  • Reflection: Reflection is an essential aspect that aims at defining your target customer. You should determine the attributes that better define your target audience
  • Self-image: Self-image encompasses how consumers want to be perceived by other people after consuming your products and services. You should determine how you anticipate your customers will feel after consuming your products or services. For instance, consumers of high-end cars may be perceived as high-income earners.

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The Four Steps of Creating a Unique Instagram Profile

  • Creating Your Instagram Bio

The first notable thing that your customers will see from your profile is your bio information. This section allows you to communicate to your audience your personality and what you stand for. It is also important you tell new visitors about yourself through your bio, what you do, and why they should follow you.  Ensure your design is attractive and appealing to your customers to stay ahead of your competitors.


  • Choosing the Right Avatar Picture

I believe you understand that an avatar picture plays a critical role in appealing to your customers. You should select an avatar picture that clearly shows your face or your business’ logo. You should ensure that your picture has a bright and colorful background. It will be an effective strategy to ensure that your profile remains unique and appealing compared to your competitors.

How to build your personal brand on Instagram: The most effective tips

  • Be Clear with The Content You Post on Your Instagram Post

As I highlighted above, your Instagram brand will reach the top and should anticipate providing solutions to consumers and the community. Therefore, you should articulate how you achieve it through your posts. Your consumers should derive value from the content you post. You should also ensure that you understand the best time to post on Instagram to reach out to a big audience. Some of the categories under which your content would be classified include:

  • Educational: Under this category, you will share tutorials on subject matters that will help people learn how to solve problems or learn new skills. For instance, you can teach the public different courses such as digital marketing.
  • Entertaining: The category helps you share entertainment contents that include memes, online games, puzzles, music, or even videos. The entertainment categories focus on spreading positivity in people’s lives.
  • Inspirational: This category will allow you to share contents that will positively impact the emotional well-being of your consumers. It will help you create an emotional connection with your audience. Some of the content you can share include motivational quotes and personal stories.
  • Promotional: Under the promotional category, you will share content that promotes your brand. For instance, you may share your company’s success stories as well as behind-the-scenes happenings. You may also share before-and-after pictures to help the consumers understand how your brand impacts others. You may also get the opportunity to share feedback with your clients helping to understand the best courses of action to improve your brand.
  • Develop a design theme for your Instagram feed

The last step is developing a design theme for your Instagram feed. While it may appear challenging to design your theme, it is pretty easy if you benchmark with the companies you are competing with or influencers in your industry.

How Instagram Could Help You Accomplish Marketing Assignments

Instagram will help you accomplish marketing assignments with ease and comfort. Marketers in the modern marketing environment are increasingly embracing Instagram in their marketing strategies since it allows them to showcase their products and services through visual stories. Some of the benefits of utilizing Instagram to accomplish your marketing assignments include:

  • Instagram prioritizes visual content
  • It is less cluttered compared to other social media platforms
  • You will not be bothered by characters which are a limiting factor in other social;l media sites such as Twitter.