How Do You Keep Drinks Cold for Hours?

How Do You Keep Drinks Cold for Hours?

Everyone loves a cold drink when they are out for a great time during the heated summer season. It is one of the best ways to keep you rejuvenated, and as it is agreeably known, no one yearns for a warm drink on a hot day.

However, cold drinks can warm up fast if not properly kept and preserved. Hence the need to devise strategies to ensure a nonstop supply of cold drinks to make everyone happy.

But how do you keep your drinks cold despite the warm environment? Well, here are some easy steps to follow;

9 Easy Ways to Keep Drinks Cold For Hours

Make The Drinks Frozen

This is the simplest way of keeping drinks cold for long hours. And it’s also straightforward to do. All you have to do is make sure that your drink is frozen. Do this, and it will take several hours before your drink warms up. Easy peasy, right? You can also combine other methods with this to make the frozen drinks last even longer.

How Do You Keep Drinks Cold for Hours?

Use a Quality Cooler

How do you keep drinks cold when you have outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing?

It’s very simple.

Get a cooler. They are your best option for keeping drinks cold for several hours to days. Now, not all coolers can keep beverages chilled for days. And this is why you should check out this company for super-effective coolers.

Coolers have different capabilities depending on their cost and making. Insulated coolers are considered the best and most reliable because of their long cold and ice retention. However, there are steps to take to ensure an improvement in the performance of your cooler. They include;

  • Placing only cold drinks in the cooler
  • Putting in ice to the drinks
  • Sprinkling salt on the ice 
  • Placing the drinks closely in the cooler 
  • Avoiding regular opening of the cooler 
  • Using well-insulated coolers
  • Pre-chilling the cooler

Use Ice 

Ice is commonly used to preserve the coldness of drinks. 

For instance, you can keep drinks cold by either serving the drink in a cup with ice cubes or just placing the drinks in a cooler with ice blocks. 

Ice is used for this purpose in the following forms;

  • Dry ice
  • Ice packs
  • Ice cubes
  • Ice blocks
  • Crushed ice
  • Ice sphere
  • Bottles Filled With Ice

All these ice forms can be bought at the store or made at home except dry ice. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide and the most effective. However, it is toxic to human skin and should not be allowed any contact.

Enfold the Drink With a Moist Cloth

If you have no access to any of the options mentioned above, you can wet a cloth with cool water and wrap it around your drink. This will keep the drink from the warm weather temperature.

Place the Drink in Cold Water

This is a cheap alternative to using a wet cloth. It will be a practical option if you’re camping close to a water source like a lake, stream, or river. All you have to do is get some cool water and place the drinks inside.

Vacuum Flask

You can use a vacuum flask for your cold drinks. It keeps drinks cold by averting warmth entry into the drink through a three-layer protection system. The design constitutes two thin silvery glass walls (inner and outer) with a vacuum between them.

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Made from harmless metal, the stainless steel ice cubes are reusable and won’t water down your drink or change its taste as ordinary ice cubes. You can resort to using it to keep any drink cold for hours. All you need to do is keep the stainless steel ice cubes in a freezer for four hours or more and put them inside your drink.

Use a Tumbler

A tumbler is an insulated mug that uses a superb airtight stainless steel to keep drinks cold. It is also available in mobile sizes that you can easily carry around.

Place The Drinks Beneath  A Shade

Regardless of placing your drink in a cooler, moist cloth, or cool water, ensure that you do not leave any of these in the open, exposed to direct sunlight. It is even better to place the drink under a shade to keep it from the sun’s heat.


If there is the need to keep your drinks cold for hours, then you must make sure to make plans for any of the options that you consider suitable out of the ones mentioned above. Each method can be used independently or in combination to ensure optimum performance.