How Digital Technologies Can Help You Overcome Writing Challenges

Technology is a tool that has proven useful many times over the years. Despite that, many people tend to rely solely on their own resources and end up missing out on digital aids that could have transformed and streamlined the way they operate. One such area where digital technologies have been largely ignored by many is writing. This article aims to mitigate this unfortunate tendency by going over 5 top ways technology has proven useful in helping writers overcome major writing challenges.

5 Ways Digital Technologies Can Help You Overcome Writing Challenges

Below are the 5 ways digital technology can help you improve as a writer:

  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Improve Writing Quality
  • Generate Content That Readers Want
  • Increase Your Audience
  • Reduce Time To Create Content

1.   Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the unknown or deliberate action of copying another’s work and passing it on as your own. This is a serious offense that can lead to shame, embarrassment, and even expulsion and possible lawsuits. This doesn’t mean you can’t do research when trying to come up with content, but you have to give credit when you include the results of another writer’s research instead of passing it as your own. At times, due to human error or lack of awareness, our writing can accidentally become a copy of another’s work. So, to avoid your content being flagged for plagiarism, you need to be able to notice this early before publishing. This is where digital technology has been a great help.

Now, with a click of a button, you can have your writing cross-referenced across multiple texts and websites to see how original it is. If you’re a student, this is great because you no longer need to stay up hours doing the work of a plagiarism checker yourself.

Plagiarism can be a big issue when students submit extensive writing pieces, like a dissertation. If you want to avoid plagiarism concerns with your paper, you can always outsource it to a professional writing service. Nowadays, students can buy dissertations online and get 100% plagiarism-free papers. This will be confirmed by a  plagiarism report such services usually submit.

2.   Improve Writing Quality

There are many aspects of producing top-quality content. It involves not only the content you make but also its form. Sometimes, your writing style has to follow certain rules, for instance, if you are writing an academic essay. In such a case, writing outside the standard academic writing rules would be wrong. There are many ways to improve one’s academic writing, but remembering and following all these rules can be difficult, especially if you’re new. However, with digital tools such as Grammarly, you can have artificial intelligence follow and automatically enforce all the necessary writing rules for you. This way, you only need to focus on the creative part of your writing.

3.   Generate Content That Readers Want

If you own a blog or prefer guest blogging, you probably know how difficult it is to create content as a writer. When you are just starting, you could use personal events in your life as inspiration, but that quickly dries up. So, left with no choice, you would have to seek inspiration to ensure you can produce high-quality content continuously. Even so, without tools, it would be hard to tell which content your audience prefers. Thankfully, there are modern ways writers can overcome this challenge. For one, with analytics, you can discover the content you produce that gets the most reactions. This will allow you to focus more on what your target audience wants. Sometimes, you can also see other forms of content your readers enjoy. For instance, if you write movie reviews but notice your readers enjoy video games, you might also want to include game reviews as part of your writing.

4.   Increase Your Audience

After spending hours working on your blog, it can be very disappointing when only a few people read it. Discouraged by this, you might even begin to see your writing quality drop. However, technology has made it easier to overcome this than ever before. Through the power of SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, you can produce content that’s more likely to appear on the first page of search queries.

5.   Reduce Time To Create Content

After writing a 4,000-word article within a short deadline, you will still need to review it personally before posting. This is important to avoid basic grammar and spelling mistakes. You don’t want your writing to appear amateur, but at the same time, going over your writing, especially when it’s a long piece, can be stressful. However, with modern technology, you can easily eliminate errors with a single mouse click. Of course, not all digital tools are 100% reliable, but they can still help you reduce hours of work to mere minutes.

Another area of writing that relies on accuracy is the translation of documents. For example, if you travel to Quebec for work or study, you will likely need your documents translated into French. For that, you can contact certified French Canadian translation services. This website contains translation service reviews that would help you pick the perfect provider.


As a writer, there are many challenges you can face, ranging from minor mistakes in your writing to plagiarism concerns that can affect you for years. Trying to overcome all these challenges alone can be hard, so getting the right tools is the best decision. Technology is continuously advancing, so research more into the helpful digital tools that can cut your writing time and boost your performance.

Author’s Bio

Eric Wyatt is a seasoned writer with experience writing on many topics. One of the ways he has managed to write consistently is through the aid of many digital tools. While some of these tools are common knowledge, Eric has found that not many writers, especially new ones, are aware of them. This is why Eric has chosen to dedicate his time to researching and sharing his experiences using digital tools for his audience’s benefit.

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